Thursday, October 27, 2016


Mirjam (pictured above organising our punnets in the packing shed - not the greatest job but it didn't half need doing!), from Germany, left the farm on Tuesday to move on to her next wwoofing experience on Dartmoor. Many thanks Mirjam for all your help, and especially for delaying your departure to help with the polytunnel skinning on Tuesday morning (and sorting those punnets..).

Monday, October 24, 2016

Harvesting squash and chillies

Doug and Mirjam clean-picking ring-o-fire chillies in the polytunnel.

Chillies joining the onions and squashes in the propagation station to dry.

Jack Be Little squash laid out to ripen in the polytunnel.

Part of this year's squash and pumpkin harvest.

Veg boxes 21st October

Standard veg box = 500g brown onions, 1kg Picasso potatoes, 3 peppers, 500g carrots, 200g Swiss chard, a swede, 400g leeks, 200g kale, 100g salad leaves, 500g striped beetroot = £10 (or £11 delivered to your door).

Small veg box = 100g salad leaves, 1kg Picasso potatoes, 200g kale, 2 peppers, 500g carrots, 400g leeks; plus added extras of one litre milk, 6 free-range eggs, and a large sourdough loaf = £11.80 (or £12.80 delivered to your door).
All fresh produce was grown on the community farm, including the eggs, with organic milk from Treen and organic bread from Helston. Please contact the farm on 01736 788454 to order yours.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Polytunnel skinning

The re-skinning of our Mothership will hopefully go ahead on Tuesday 25th October (unless the weather forecast changes drastically), so can anybody who is able to help for a few hours please meet at the farm at 10am. We hope to have the bulk of the work done by 1pm, when you can either stay for lunch or drift off.
We hope to see you then!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Proposed polytunnel skinning

Our "Mothership" ploytunnel has been without a plastic skin since last winter's storms, and needs one before this winter gets started. She has been prepared in readiness, and we have the skin waiting, now we just need the weather and enough people to do the job (10 people minimum)! Both Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th October look promising, so we're keeping an eye on the wind speed forecasts for those days in the hope that one of them will be good. If anybody is available and willing to lend a hand, on either next Tuesday or Wednesday, from 10am till 1pm, can you please email us at We would appreciate all the help we can get. We will know on Monday afternoon which day (if any) we will attempt the job, and we'll post another message here to verify when.
Many thanks in anticipation!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Aubree, from Florida, volunteered as a wwoofer on the farm for one month, and left yesterday to continue her travels in the UK and across Europe. Many many thanks to Aubree for her help, and we hope that her parents manage to restore their hurricane-hit condo in time for her home-coming!

Hayle Hub launch

Last Friday, two representatives of Transition Penwith came to the farm to harvest and collect "reject" (grade-out) vegetables to cook a free lunch for 75 people at their Hayle Hub. We gave them lots of beetroot that had gone soft in storage, and 20kg of potatoes that had worm-holes in, and allowed them to harvest veg from the market garden which we would not be able to sell, such as bolted bulb fennel, big runner beans, and chard and kale with slug holes in it. With this haul they cooked oven-roast veg and a hearty vegetable stew, and the event was very successful. It's amazing what you can do with imperfect produce!
Lesley and Charlie with some of their pickings.
"Transition Penwith's Hayle Hub is a group seeking to build positive communities in all ways from sharing time, food, stories, music making and other activities".