Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pendeen Silver Band

A small group of players from Pendeen Silver Band will be coming to the farm on Sunday December 3rd to play festive music at our Advent Fair. The fair runs from midday till 4pm, and we anticipate music around the campfire in the farmyard at 3pm, or in the packing shed if cold/wet.

New packing shed lights

At last, after seven winters of rushing to get everything packed before darkness, we have installed proper lighting in the packing shed! Many thanks to Andy for fitting the lights, and Chris for facilitating.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Veg boxes 17th November

Small veg box - Charlotte potatoes, chard, rocket, leeks, celeriac, and a pumpkin portion.

Standard veg box - Charlotte potatoes, chard, rocket, leeks, celeriac, pumpkin portion, red Russian kale, gem squash, Jerusalem artichokes, a rocoto chilli, and a sprig of Vietnamese coriander.
Picking chard for veg boxes - Joe, Linnea, Joan, Clement, and Andy.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sunset over the farm

Three views of today's stunning sunset - from the top brassica field...

...across Home Field towards the farm buildings and sea...

...and seen through a polytunnel.


Flo (Florian), from Pau in the south of France, left our farm on Wednesday to head to his next wwoof assignment near Falmouth. We'd like to thank Flo for his 6 weeks with us, and wish him well on his new farm.
Our next wwoofer, Clement, arrived that evening, giving us just enough time to carpet, paint and clean the room between occupants. Phew.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Veg boxes 10th November

Small veg box, £6 - mixed salad leaves, jack-be-little squash, potatoes, kale, parsnips, and beetroot.
Standard veg box, £10 - jack-be-little squash, potatoes, kale, parsnips, beetroot, oriental greens, leeks, pumpkin portion, and a cauliflower.

Advent Fair 3rd December 12-4pm

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