Sunday, November 4, 2018


Lenka, a WWOOF volunteer from Montana, USA, left the farm yesterday morning after helping out for 3 weeks.
Lenka weeding our purple sprouting broccoli in the permanent raised beds (with Lorenz on the left).
It was a joy to have Lenka volunteer with us and we already miss her - many thanks for your hard calm work!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Harvesting squash and pumpkins.

Squash laid out to cure in the polytunnel.
 We've not had a very good year for squash, certainly not compared to 2017. In 2016 we harvested 300kg, which we tried to double in 2017 and ended up with 1200kg! So this year we tried to halve that and have got only 200kg, mostly crown prince (which is the best, so that's something!).
Mostly Crown Prince squash.
 We got off to a bad start with a nutrient-poor batch of potting compost. Because the plants looked so bad we prioritised transplanting leeks instead, so the squash were planted out towards the end of July, a bit too late. It was then so dry that they struggled.
Pumpkins in the shop ready for Hallowe'en.
But we did get some! And they are now all harvested and curing in the polytunnel ready to go on sale. Except for some large (Jack-o-lantern and Sue's Giant) and tiny (Jack-be-little) pumpkins which were in the shop and at farmers' markets before Hallowe'en, and some big ones that have been portioned up and sent out in standard veg boxes for the past two weeks.

Today's veg boxes

Today's small veg box (£6) plus half a dozen eggs (£1.60) = £7.60.
Be a part of the local food revolution here in West Penwith! Join the not-for-profit veg box scheme here at Bosavern Community Farm. In today's veg boxes you could have enjoyed (or have enjoyed?) Charlotte salad potatoes, perpetual spinach, red Russian kale, carrots, purple-top turnips, beetroot, mixed salad leaves, Vietnamese coriander, a pumpkin portion, leeks, cucumbers, and/or oriental stir-fry greens. Plus we can add our own free-range eggs, Vicky's organic bread, and Treen organic milk.

Email to find out more, or to order your box for next week.

Coline and Marine

Coline and Marine sowing trays of seeds with Lenka in the propagation station.

Coline and Marine sorting potatoes in the packing shed.
Coline and Marine, from France, also left today, having stayed with us for eight days - special thanks to them for working so well over the last weekend to allow me to have two days off with my family.

John the third

John dismantling the windbreak after harvesting this year's squash.

John picking perpetual spinach for veg boxes.
John came to wwoof with us for the third time, but left this morning to make his way home to Brisbane, Australia. Thanks John for all your help and craziness!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Andy the fourth

Andy planting garlic in the polytunnel.
Andy came and volunteered with us for his fourth time, staying only ten days this time, but we hope he'll be back again before long.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pulling out tomato vines

After harvesting a wonderful amount of gorgeous tomatoes over the summer, we've now begun pulling out the spent vines and replacing them with winter crops. We had three successional sowings of tomatoes, and the first two are already out and in the compost (along with their jute twines) - the third batch still has a few tomatoes to ripen on them.
Friday lunchtime.

Friday dinnertime.

Saturday hometime.
On Sunday and Monday we finished tidying the tunnel, then laid greenwaste compost 3cm thick to create seven beds, which on Tuesday we planted with green sprouting calabrese, komatsuna (Chinese spinach), kohl rabi, coriander, chervil, and headed lettuces - photos to follow.