Friday, May 17, 2019

Community woodland day

Our Community Woodland, planted in the furthest field several years ago, is in need of some aftercare TLC, so we are holding another woodland day on Wednesday 25th May, 10am till 3pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join in, whatever their experience and ability - you can even drop in for just an hour or two rather than stay for the full 5 hours.
Trees are a vital resource in the battle against enhanced climate change, so please come and help us create a community woodland here in St. Just.

More flowers


Common sorrel.

Cut-leaved cranesbill.


French marigolds (tagetes) planted amongst our tomatoes in a polytunnel.


Corn-salad (lamb's lettuce).

Phacellia sown in our cattle-trough garden on the farmyard.

French breakfast radish flowering in a polytunnel.

Rocket flowers (delicious!).

Tayberry flowers in the fruit-cage.

Tomato flowers in a polytunnel.

Today's veg boxes

Today's small veg box (£6) - rhubarb, cauliflower, potatoes, mixed herbs OR sugar-snap peas, and red Russian kale.

Today's standard veg boxes (£10) - cauliflower, potatoes, mixed herbs, sugar-snap OR mange-tout peas, swede, red Russian kale, chard, and a cucumber.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Pendeen Women's Institute centenary celebrations.

On bank holiday Monday the community farm helped Pendeen W.I. celebrate its centenary by being one of several stalls on the school field in Pendeen for the afternoon.
Congratulations to Pendeen W.I. and many thanks to Andy, Ailsa and Sonja for organising and running out stall on the day.

Flowers on the farm

This spring feels as though it has been particularly abundant in wild flowers, and these are being wonderfully enhanced by our plantings of pollinator-friendly flowers and crop plants.
Beaked hawksbeard.

Broad bean flowers in the market garden.


Common vetch.

Dill in one of the polytunnels.

Germander speedwell.

Ground ivy.

Hawthorn ("May-tree").

Herb Robert.

Ivy-leaved toadflax.

Nasturtiums in one of the polytunnels.



Smooth sow-thistle.

Vetch and lesser trefoil, on top of a wall in Carn Meadow.

Wavy bittercress.


Will came down from London to volunteer on the farm for a week, and left today to walk the coast path to Penzance on his way home. Thank you Will for all your help, and we hope that you are enjoying you walk!

Recent veg boxes

Although we are heading out of the infamous "hungry gap" (probably our least favourite time of year), we still have a way to go before we are flush with tomatoes and other new season veg. We are still managing to fill 40 regular veg boxes per week though, whilst still providing for the farm shop, farmers' markets, and local restaurants, albeit not in abundance. Our recent veg boxes have contained selections from: rainbow chard, red Russian kale, potatoes, mixed herbs (parsley, fennel, dill, oregano, coriander, Vietnamese coriander, apple mint), mange-tout, sugar snap peas, rhubarb, oriental greens, mixed salad leaves, celeriac, purple pak choi, purple sprouting broccoli, and elephant garlic.
Wet elephant garlic dug and about to be prepared for standard veg boxes on Friday 3rd May.
We deliver veg boxes every Friday to the following places - St. Ives, St. Just, St. Buryan, Sancreed, Penzance, Drift, Sennen, Pendeen, Grumbla, Newlyn, Mousehole, Crean, Porthcurno, Morvah, Treen - and places in between. Email us on to order or to find out more.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

New laying hens

On the 23rd and 24th April we collected 150 point-of-lay Colombian Blacktails from their Launceston hatchery, and brought them to their new home on the farm. They have settled in really well; they are already exploring the field and the other two chicken-sheds, and have started laying good-sized eggs already, a few more every day. We hope to have enough eggs to recommence supplying St. Just and Pendeen Farmers' Markets, and select local eateries too, before the end of May. Most of our oldest chickens were adopted by local families and small-holders, and the few we were left with were integrated into our middle-aged flock.
If any local volunteers wish to get involved with looking after our hens and collecting eggs, please contact us on 788454.


April 30th saw the annual Beltane celebration at Bosavern Community Farm, with an evening of live music, a live choir, Maypole dancing, fire-leaping, and food sharing.

Many thanks to Shelley, Jenny and Andrew for organising the event, Mike and the other musicians for their wonderful playing, Kelsey and the Land And Sea choir for entertaining us before the dancing, and everyone who came and brought food and danced - it was a lovely evening, helped by the best Beltane weather we've ever had on the farm..

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Even more spring flowers

Plenty of flowers in the bee garden (including marsh marigold, white comfrey, and forget-me-nots), created by volunteers during wildlife gardening club led by Ian every Monday.

Common mouse-ear.

Cow parsley


Dove's-foot cranesbill

Gorse in flower around our Cornish hedges.

Hedge mustard.

Mange-tout in one of our polytunnels.

Red dead nettle

A rogue red Russian kale plant flowering in one of our polytunnels.

Marti and Hagen

Marti, from Barcelona, and Hagen, from Germany, both volunteered at the farm for two weeks through WWOOF, and have left over the past few days. We'd like to thank them both for their work whilst with us, and wish them well in their futures.
Marti, on the left, planting onion sets with Aline and Adrien.