Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Squash in the farm shop

We now have a range of ten squash varieties available to buy at £2 per kilo in the farm shop.
Blue Ballet

Crown Prince

Green Hokkaido

Jack O Lantern

Sweet Dumpling

Turk's Turban

Winter Luxury

Jack Be Little

The shop is open every day of the week from 11am till 6pm.


Matthew planting giant winter spinach into a bed in the Mothership polytunnel.
As I write this, Matthew is on a train on his way back to London, having come down to Cornwall to help out on the community farm for one week. Thanks to Matthew for his help, and I hope you found it a worthwhile experience.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

St Just In Bloom presentation

On Friday 13th October, Chris and Ian represented the community farm at the St Just In Bloom presentation, in conjunction with Britain In Bloom and the Royal Horticultural Society. For the thrid year running we received the highest accolade in the "It's Your Neighbourhood" section - outstanding.
This year we also helped St Just In Bloom by planting bedding plants into several planters on the entrance to town.

Not much of what we do would be possible without our volunteers - local, national, and international - who help out on the farm every day of the year, so a VERY BIG THANK YOU to every one of them.

Squash harvest 2017

This year has been a bumper harvest of winter squash, totalling over 1200 kg, four times the amount we harvested last year. The first few "gem" squash went out in our veg boxes on Friday, and there will be plenty available in our farm shop from next week onwards (once they have cured in our polytunnel). We have several varieties, including blue ballet, crown prince, winter luxury, green Hokkaido, jack-o-lantern, jack be little, turk's turban, sweet dumpling, and gem.
Part of our squash patch before harvesting.

One of many wheelbarrows of squash heading for the polytunnel.

The main bench of squash curing in our propagation tunnel.

More squash on more shelves!
A selection of squash laid out to cure.
All our squash are good eaters (rather than good carvers, although the two jacks are very good for that too), and will be on sale at £2 per kilo in the farm shop, at farmers' markets, and to local restaurants and pubs, as well as going into our weekly veg boxes for the forseeable future.

Veg boxes 13th October

Small veg box (£6) - cara potatoes, kale, onions, tomatoes, beetroot, and gem squash (a South African variety ideal for stuffing, small and round and dark green).
Standard veg box (£10) - cara potatoes, kale, onions, beetroot, gem squash, Swiss chard, Vietnamese coriander, courgettes, peppers, rocket, and purple-top turnips.

Josef, Elisa, Nathan, and David

Josef (left) and Nathan (right) picking kale beneath bird-mesh.

David planting Chinese cabbage in the Mothership polytunnel.

Nathan with a barrow of turnips in the farmyard.
Another four wwoof volunteers have moved on recently after several weeks each helping on the farm - Josef from Germany, Elisa from Italy (sorry, no photo!), Nathan from France, and David from the UK. Many thanks to them all for their help, and we wish them well in their onward travels.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Veg boxes 6th October

Standard veg box, Friday 6th October: Valor potatoes, courgettes, peppers, red Russian kale, purple-top turnips, rocket, tomatoes, perpetual spinach, mixed herbs, and a romanesco (all grown on the community farm except the romanesco which came from Cargease Organics near Penzance).
We produce veg boxes every Friday, 52 times a year, and we have done so since May 2011. We have two sizes of veg box, the standard for £10, and the small for £6, with the majority of the contents being grown here on the community farm (we buy some veg from two organic farms near Penzance). We will deliver to most addresses in Penwith for a £1 delivery charge (please enquire), or you can collect at no additional cost from the farm, or the North Inn in Pendeen, or CafeArt in St Ives. We can also include in your veg box our own free-range eggs, local organic bread from Vicky's in Helston, and local organic milk from Treen. You can choose to have your box weekly or fortnightly, once a month or as a one-off, and you can pay by cash or cheque on delivery or set up a standing order.

Please contact us on 788454 or vegbox.bcf@bcents.org for more details.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Open day photos

The day started very damp and gloomy, but the forecast was for a gradual improvement....

Rosie setting up her pop-up food van in a wet deserted farmyard. Rosie's homemade burgers were wonderful, and after an umpromising start she did a good trade later....

At least our farm shop was looking lovely and bright, unlike the weather outside....

Three conservation organisations set up their information stands in the cob barn - Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and the local hedgehog rescue with a real life rescued hedgehog....

The cob barn soon filled with people having their faces painted and making mini hedgehogs out of teasals, as well as warming by the wood-burner and admiring the landscape paintings from workshops held on the farm....

Sonja with her peace tent and raffle, as the weather moves from grey to white....

The cow-shed-cafe serving hot soup, drinks and cake, set up in our veg packing area....

A tour of the bee-friendly garden.....

Inside the bee-ed shed with representatives of Bosavern Community Farm and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust....

Land And Sea choir sang and the Cob Nuts recited poetry around the campfire outside the cob barn, and by the end of the afternoon you could even see the sea!
Our open day was held in partnership with the CSA Network UK, and despite the weather we were very pleased with the amount of people who came to their community farm to look around, take part, help out, chat, eat cake, do their shopping, listen to singing and poetry, admire art, and support us and our fellow community organisations. Many many thanks to everybody who helped to make the day such a success.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Veg boxes 29th September

Small veg box (£6) - rainbow chard, red Russian kale, valor potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beetroot, and a hot rocoto chilli.

Standard veg box (£10) - rainbow chard, red Russian kale, oriental greens, cucumber, valor potatoes, leeks (from Cargease Organics), courgettes, purple-top turnips, beetroot, peppers, and a hot rocoto chilli.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Annika, from Germany, left this morning for her next farm after wwoofing with us 2 weeks, and left us this lovely letter with drawings which we'd like to share with you - many thanks Annika for you help!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hay for sale

This year's hay is now for sale at the farm, at a very competitive £3 per small bale. Please pay in the farm shop. Local delivery may be available if requested, for a small charge.

Farmers' Markets

Bosavern Community Farm always has a stall at our three local farmers' markets:-
Sennen, in the hall behind the school, 09:00-12:00 every Tuesday;
St. Just, in the WI hall near the church, 09:30-12:30 every Saturday;
and Pendeen, in the Centre Of Pendeen, 10:00-13:00 every first and third Saturday of the month.

We are one of many stalls at these markets, with other stalls selling bread, raw chocolate, cheese, meat, curry sauces, crafts, jewellery, books, pies, cakes, quiches, jams, chutneys, soaps, chilli sauces, smoked fish, upcycled furniture etc.... Please come along and support your local producers and artisans, and support your communities and the local economy.

Each market also has a seated cafe, with cakes and tea and coffee.

Farm open day Sunday 1st October midday till 4pm

On Sunday 1st October, in association with CSA Network UK, we will be having an open day from 12 till 4pm, which is a free event to which everyone is invited. There will be a tour of the farm, a visit to the bee education shed with its demonstration hives, Rosie's food van, stalls from various conservation organisations, face painting, vegetable monster making, our farm shop, plus whatever else we can think of over the next week and on the day! Please come along to eat cake, learn about the farm, have fun, meet people, eat more cake, and maybe lend a hand - see you there...

Veg boxes 22nd September

Small veg box (£6) - red Russian kale, red peppers, purple-top turnips, carrots, Charlotte salad potatoes, and courgettes.
The standard veg box (£10) contained all of the above, plus leeks, mixed herbs, onions, and tomatoes.

Caroline, Tasha, Barbara, Larissa, and Will

Another batch of lovely wwoofers have recently left the farm - Caroline from Johannesburg in South Africa, Tasha from Gloucestershire on her second stay with us this year, Barbara from Austria, Larissa from Germany, and Will from Bristol. Lots of thanks and good wishes go from all of us to all of them!
Caroline (left) and Tasha in the farm shop.

Barbara (left) and Larissa in Home Field.

Will feeding old bread to the farm's chicken flock.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bethany, Celine, Martin and Mira

The team of four wwoofers who helped us during hay harvest (and a lot more besides) have all left the farm over the weekend. Bethany (from Falmouth, on her third visit), Celine (from France), Martin (from Germany), and Mira (from Italy) all came to the end of their volunteering stays with us, and we thank them for their hard work and commitment during their time at the farm.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Veg boxes 1st September

Standard veg box for £10 (or £11 delivered to your door) - Charlotte salad potatoes, mixed salad leaves, French beans, ring-of-fire chillies, courgette(s), pepper(s), red Russian kale, rainbow chard, leeks (from Cargease Organics), and a sprig of Vietnamese corainder.
Our small veg box for £6 (or £7 delivered), contained the above minus the salad, beans, leeks, and chard.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hay 2017

This year was our biggest hay harvest to date, producing 1000 bales from 4 fields. We cut the 3 fields included in our Entry Level Stewardship scheme, plus a small field at the top of the farm. The fields were cut on Thursday, turned on Saturday, baled on Sunday evening, then gathered and stacked in the barn on (Bank Holiday) Monday and Tuesday. Gathering hay is the hottest, sweatiest, itchiest, most physically demanding job of the year, and we'd like to thank everyone who helped with this massive task over two long hot days - Martin, Mira, Andy, Bethany, Celine, Ben and Ian - plus Alice and Shelley for helping in the farm shop and kitchen while we were out in the fields.
Carn meadow before cutting.

Hotel meadow before cutting.

Carn meadow baled and ready for gathering.

Martin and Andy gathering hay in Carn meadow.

Hugh and Andy with a trailer of hay.

Martin, Mira and Ben in the trailer ready to gather another load.

Mira and Martin loading the trailer.

Gathering hay in Hotel meadow.

Martin and Mira loading the trailer.

1000 bales stacked under cover in the open barn.
Our hay is now for sale at the usual £3 per bale, and local delivery may be possible for an extra charge. The fields are unsprayed and "unimproved", and the hay is stored undercover.