Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Very wet November!

Whilst lucky compared to some low lying regions of the West Country, the recent deluges have brought a few problems to the farm, such as having to wade through shin-deep water to reach the chickens, and running repairs to the skin of our old polytunnel (due to be re-skinned before the spring). We haven't been able to lift and store more potatoes as we would have liked, or to let the turkeys out of their shed.
Small lake in the chicken field gateway.
Volunteers have continued coming to help despite the weather, and we have brought both polytunnels bang up to date, cleaned and disinfected the egg-packing room, cleaned and tidied the workshop and veg-packing area, and cleaned the Hive. It seems there's always something to do. As well as having to wade out to the chickens four times a day! Thankfully it's a lovely sunny day today, so we can open the polytunnels to freshen their air, let the turkeys out for a run, and continue clearing the fenceline and willow coppice in the veg field. Fingers crossed for another week of good weather so we can lift more potatoes....

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