Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas turkeys.

On Wednesday 19th December we slaughtered our 41 turkeys and prepared them for collection. We set up a slaughter unit inside the cow shed, so only had to carry each turkey 30m from their home, minimising their stress and discomfort. Then each was killed, plucked, gutted, packaged, weighed, and allocated to a customer depending on their preferred weight of bird (or as close as we could make it). The whole process for 41 birds took almost ten hours. Most turkeys were collected that evening by our customers, so thanks to them for being so prompt. The average weight of turkey was 6.7 kg, so average cost was £70. Early indications show that we actually made some money on these turkeys, which is good for the modern farming climate, and the least we should expect after looking after them for 5 months.
Turkeys killed, plucked, and hung awaiting gutting.

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