Friday, June 14, 2013

Light at the end of the hungry gap.

We have harvested our first broad beans today! OK, only enough for three of our twenty veg boxes, and not enough for tomorrow's farmers market in Pendeen, but it's an exciting start. Also outside we have long lines of spinach, rainbow chard and rocket, all being harvested as cut-and-come-again for salad bags, which means there will be a plentiful supply of salad bags at all times on the gate stall, as well as for veg boxes and farmers markets (supplemented with lettuce and nasturtium flowers from the polytunnels, as well as interesting brassicas). Next week we'll be having an exploratory dig to see whether our new potatoes are ready for their first harvest (at the moment we are buying organic new potatoes from Crowlas near Penzance) - this being damp Penwith we're also keeping an eye out for potato blight. The first courgettes and cucumbers are forming in the polytunnels, outdoor Red Russian kale is already being harvested with three more varieties planted, our physallis looks ready to bear its second flush of the year, the first tomato and tomatillo flowers are out, and runner bean seedlings poking their heads above ground.......

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