Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sowing and planting.

The lack of recent blog entries has been a sign that we have been very busy on the farm over the past few weeks. The end of July is a critical date for getting all our seeds and plants into the ground ready for autumn and winter, which is what we've been up to instead of blogging. Our two crop fields, totalling one hectare of vegetables (not including polytunnels) are now fully sown or planted for the first time in their recent history, and that's a cause for celebration.
Watering 2000 cabbage seedlings during the dry spell.
Our maincrop field is now one third potatoes (topped due to blight, but already harvesting delicious Maris Peer earlies), one third brown onions, 2000 cabbages under wondermesh, and 12,000 swede seeds sown.
Our market garden field is full of carrots (some for fresh, some for storage), beetroot, chard, runner beans, broad beans, mange-tout peas, sugar snap peas, garden peas, borage, squashes, courgettes, spinach, salads, kales, purple sprouting broccoli, green sprouting calabrese, Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers (both autumn and winter), 5000 leeks, red onions, parsnips and early potatoes. No doubt I've forgotten something there. Celeriac, parsley, Florence fennel etc...
Weeding parsnips, a massive task, but they're now looking superb.

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