Monday, October 14, 2013

What's now available in the farm shop?

Free-range eggs, £1.50 for half a dozen.
Small (pullets) free-range eggs, 70p for half a dozen.
Charlotte potatoes, £1 per kilo.
Lemon verbena, the best herbal tea ever, 50p for 25g.
Parsnips, £1.20 for a half kilo bunch.
Celery, £1 per head (with the leaves on because they're the tastiest bit).
Onions, 75p per half kilo.
Cucumbers, 60p each.
Runner beans, £1 for 200g (almost the last of them!).
Pointed "sweet-heart" cabbages, 50p each.
Kale, 80p for 200g.
Garlic, 50p per pot (almost over!).
Chillies, 10p each, fat red "Rocoto" or thin red "Ring o Fire".
Peppers, 50p each.
Physallis, a.k.a. Cape gooseberries, £1 per punnet.
Tomatoes, £1.50 for a half kilo.
Black radishes, 20p each (eat raw or cooked in a stew or stir-fry).
Salad bags, £1.50 for 120g mixed leaves and flowers.
Chard, 70p a bunch.
Beetroot, £1.50 for a kilo bunch.

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