Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harvesting onions.

Unlike last year, September's weather is being kind, and we hope it will be possible to dry our onion harvest naturally in the field (last year we had to use a gas burner). We have grown two thirds of an acre of onions, half of them red ("red baron") and half white/brown ("sturon"). Although they did struggle with weeds the year has been a good one and we have the best onions we've ever grown. Yesterday we finished pulling them out of the ground, and they are now lying in rows on freshly-rotavated soil to dry in the sunshine and dry breezes (we hope).

Laying the first line of sturon out to dry.

Freshly picked sturon drying in the sun.

Sarah and Sophie having pulled out all the sturon.
Fingers crossed they dry and store well (no rain forecast for another week!). Many thanks also to Alice, Nikki and Pete for helping pull out all the red baron last Thursday.

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