Friday, September 13, 2019

Picking and packing for this week's veg boxes and wholesale orders

Calum picking runner beans.

Ann packing runner beans and spring greens.

Ian picking edible flowers for the Field House in Trewellard.

Picking a peck of peppers.

Margaret picking kale.

Picking a barrow of spring greens.

Virginia, Veronica, and Ann weighing veg into boxes.
This week we supplied Cafe Dog And Rabbit, the Field House, The Shore, Mousehole Deli, Sennen Costcutter, the Gurnard's Head, Mermaid Alley, and Picarico with fresh veg, salad and herbs, and also put together 45 veg boxes for local people and families. This week's veg boxes contained Maris Peer new potatoes, onions, spring greens, red curly kale, rocoto chillies, runner beans, peppers, cherry tomatoes, rocket, and courgettes.

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  1. I enjoyed my few days there and it was fun to see the photo of Callum picking runners as I drew him doing exactly the same thing at about the same time. Good luck all of you. I think it is a great initiative. James