Saturday, January 18, 2020

Winter storms

Tuesday's sleet storm filmed through the kitchen door window during a well-timed morning coffee break.
This has been one of the wettest windiest winters we've known in ten years of farming at Bosavern, but so far "all" we have lost are two sections of packing shed roof, both of which have been repaired by our friends from Rebuild Southwest. Our polytunnels and chicken sheds have stood up to it all so far, touch wood. It does make harvesting veg very cold wet work though, especially when there is no option but to get out there and do it. We have also had to build a land-drain (rubble-filled ditch) across the farmyard to prevent our packing shed from flooding. Today is a sunny windless cold winters day, and we love it!
The latest piece of packing shed roof to blow off, repaired yesterday by Rebuild Southwest.

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