Friday, April 3, 2020

Planting potatoes

Later than planned, due to the cold wet weather in early March, we planted our potatoes on Tuesday 24th March, one acre in one day. Many thanks to Chris and Adrien for sitting on the potato planter all day.
This year we planted 28 sacks in total, of Casablanca (first early), Bambino (salad), Maris Peer (second early), Cara (maincrop) and Carolus (blight-tolerant maincrop). We planted them in one half of the chicken field, having rotavated the ground twice, and allowing the chickens to pick over it in between times. Now we are trying to keep the chickens out of the potato area, but they are still getting through two fences of poultry mesh...

All being well we will have new potatoes towards the end of June.

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