Monday, February 15, 2021

Extreme harvesting

Last week was one of the hardest weeks we've ever had on the farm for getting enough produce together for veg boxes. The freezing weather conditions kept some of our regular volunteers away from the farm, made some of our residential WWOOFers too ill to help, and made the actual harvesting a painful chore. Plus we had 135 boxes to put together, the highest number since last July...

This is a video of our "extreme chard picking" last Thursday morning, in sub-zero conditions in the teeth of an easterly gale....
Collecting eggs on Wednesday morning,

Wanchi and Andy digging up potatoes on Wednesday morning.

Wanchi, Hector and Polly, trying to warm up a little before heading out for more chard.
Many thanks to everybody who managed to help pick and pack this week - Polly, Andy, Wanchi, Hector, Ian, Ben, Ailsa and Nick.

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