Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Potato planting 2021

We started planting potatoes on Saturday afternoon 20th March, and put in 4 sacks Casablanca first-earlies, 6 sacks Maris Peer second-earlies, and 10 sacks Ambo maincrop, then finished off this morning with 10 sacks of Carolus blight-resistant maincrop, making 750kg of seed potatoes planted in total (all supplied by Skea Organics in Scotland). This year they have gone into the bottom half of the old chicken field, the top half having been used for last year's potatoes (and this year it will be other field scale crops such as swede and beetroot). We finished digging them out in February, having begun last June, and since then we have been buying organic potatoes from the Lizard, farmed by John Bosustow.

Hector and Nick on the planter.

Polly and Jenny....

and Harry and Klara.

View from the tractor cab.

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