Thursday, April 15, 2021

Planting cucumbers

On Saturday we ripped out several lines of bolted brassica winter salad crops from Nigel polytunnel, and planted 150 Passandra cucumber vines. Planting cucumbers is a sign that spring is definitely here, and harvesting the first ones (usually towards the end of May) is a major sign that the Hungry Gap is drawing to a close.

The planting is quick, the stringing up takes the rest of the day - and we've already got two lines of French beans strung up in the same tunnel (but a different tunnel each year). We put the most red-spider-mite-susceptible crops all together in the same tunnel (aubergines, French beans and cucumbers) and install overhead irrigation, to keep them damp all season to stop the mite taking hold - we are still fine-tuning this system.

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