Friday, February 11, 2022

Bird flu update

The first cases of bird flu in this part of Cornwall were recorded recently when dead sea-gulls were found on the beach at Long Rock near Penzance. This is about 10 miles from us. Our flock has been "locked-down" inside their sheds and netted runs since 29th November last year, and we are hoping to be able to let them out into a field on 21st March, as that is the 16-week limit for "free range" hens and eggs. The netted runs we built have become a muddy mess in the past ten weeks, so today we have taken them down and reinstalled them at 90 degrees, allowing our hens access to the fresh green grass which they have been craving in their diet. We've also installed simple pulley systems on their pop-holes to allow us to open and close the sheds without entering their runs (using pieces of electric pig-fence tensioning systems).

Happier chickens on fresh green ground.

Showing where the run used to be until we moved it, and where it is now - quite a contrast.

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