Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Chicken freedom day

Having been shut in their sheds since 29th November 2021, due to DEFRA's avian flu regulations, UK chickens were eventually allowed outside on 2nd May 2022. Our chickens had still been allowed out into their small enclosed runs every day, but could not have the whole field to explore like they are used to. So on the 4th of May we had their sheds dragged up into a new field, where we let them out to scratch around in the remains of last years' crops, in one hectare of open space.

We are now labelling our eggs as "free-range" once again, available in the shop priced at £2.20 per half dozen, or £4.40 per dozen, and also in our veg boxes and at Sennen Market every Tuesday morning. We feed our hens on natural free-range layers pellets, which contain no genetically-modified ingredients, or chemicals or drugs. The price of this feed has risen from £10 per sack to £12.35 recently, which is why our eggs cost so much - but we believe that they are worth it.

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