Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Rebuild Southwest phase 2

Desperately attempting to make the cob building weatherproof before the onset of winter proper.

The main section of damage to the packing shed roof repaired.

Creating our new space within the packing shed, to be a multifunctional room, but as yet unchristened!
Rebuild Southwest have returned with a team of workers to undertake several tasks around the farm during a second phase of two weeks. Today they have relocated two of our granite gateposts to flank the new farm entrance into Home Field, and they are also at work on a new "box" inside the packing shed where we can hold workshops etc...; emergency running repairs to our cob barn; packing shed roof repairs; completing the new entrance way (hopefully); and digging a nature pond below the allotments. There are 3 days left out of the 10, and a lot has been achieved, with more to go...

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