Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Storm damage

A section of the packing shed roof blown away. Thankfully this happened on a Saturday morning after all but 3 of our veg boxes had already been collected/delivered on the Friday.

Barometer reading on Sunday 4th November.

Waterlogging inside the polytunnels.

And outside too.
Over night from Friday 1st to Saturday 2nd November the first big storm of the winter hit us, but it wasn't deemed important enough to be given a name, although it was only the second time in nine years that part of the packing shed roof has been lifted off. That was the worst damage, the rest of it is waterlogging out on the farm, making some work difficult, and ensuring we keep our tractor out-of-action for the time being. The most used paths and tracks around the farm are now ankle-deep in liquid mud, and as I write this in our new office, the first sleet of the winter has battered into us just as the land was beginning to dry out a little....

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