Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hay harvest 2021

Last year we were so busy in response to the coronavirus pandemic that we had no time to make hay, but this year we found a bit of time to return to some "normality", if the hecticness of making hay can be called that. The hot dry spell that we have just endured (it reached 30 degrees Celsius in our farm shop and 42 degrees in the polytunnels) was perfect hay making weather, so we and all the other farmers in the area got busy doing just that. Oliver mended the power steering on our tractor for us, Clive and Kieron cut and turned and baled four fields for us, and teams of volunteers brought it in off the fields and stacked it in the barn for storage and sales. This year we cut Carn, Top, Standing Stone, and Hotel Fields. It was cut on Monday, turned on Tuesday, baled on Wednesday, and all 489 bales in the barn by early evening on Thursday, surely the fastest hay making in Bosavern Community Farm history, and lovely dry light-green hay it is too.

Rosie and Hector loading the trailor (60 bales at a time) in Hotel Field.

Wednesday team - Imogen, Hugh, Jake, Rosie, Hector and Matt.

Thursday team - Matt, Hector, Ed, Jake, Hugh and Imogen.

Hay all stacked in the barn. The remaining few bales of our 2019 cut is stacked at the front to protect the fresher bales from the weather (we'll use these for chicken bedding).

The hay is now for sale from the farm shop, at £3.50 for this years cut, or £2.50 for the remaining bales from 2019.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this big itchy sweaty task - doing this work in those conditions is energy-sapping - and to those who didn't get into the above photos - Polly, Andy, and the other Matt.

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