Tuesday, April 12, 2022

CSA Regional Gathering at Soul Farm

On Sunday March 6th a group of us from Bosavern Community Farm made our way over to Soul Farm CSA (www.soulfarm.co.uk) near Flushing for the 2022 CSA regional gathering. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is a loose term for farming systems where the consumer shares some of the risks and responsibilites with the producer - for more information see  communitysupportedagriculture.org.uk. The gathering was organised by the CSA Network.

After introductions and coffee we had informal presentations from Camel CSA (http://camel-csa.org.uk/) near Wadebridge, and Goonown Growers (http://goonowngrowers.co.uk/) near St. Agnes. Then came lunch and a tour of the farm, which is a small no-dig site within an historic walled garden, and very productive, mainly of salad leaves for restaurants in the area, but veg boxes too.

These kinds of gatherings tend to happen in the winter months because we're all so busy for the rest of the year that it's impossible to find the time. They are a good chance to meet other people with a passion for local sustainable food systems, to share stories and tips, and to see how another similar farm does things differently - or not - to you. A time to refresh old contacts, make new ones, and be inspired. We brought away some new ideas, but it was also good to see how our ethos and methods are very closely aligned.

Many thanks to Soul Farm for hosting this gathering, and for feeding us; to the CSA Network for organising the event; and to everybody who attended for listening and sharing.

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