Saturday, April 16, 2022

More outdoor salad beds

On Tuesday a team of volunteers got very busy on the farm, and created two new outdoor salad beds, then planted them out too. This area used to be (semi-)permanent raised beds, until we levelled them again, applied our own compost, and left them covered with black plastic for the winter to kill weeds. The (semi-)permanent raised beds developed issues with weeds, compaction, and lack of fertility (any compost we applied would simply fall or roll off the edges), as well as being a good habitat for rats and rabbits, and they therefore became less and less productive.

We now have 4 salad beds completed, and room for one more - they even have mesh to stop rabbits, pigeons, winds and flea beetles, and irrigation pipes in case of dry weather. As it gets hotter in the polytunnels these outdoor beds will take over our salad production.

Many thanks to Luke, Sim, Felicity, Polly, Shivani, Ben, Jez, Rob, and Mick.

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