Friday, December 2, 2022

Shop times

As of November 2022, we have decided not to open our farm shop on Sundays, or on bank holidays. So we will be open from Monday to Saturday 10am till 5pm.

Thank yous

We need to thank two local firms for helping us out recently:-

1. Leswidden Building Supplies - for lending us 6 sections of security fencing to enable us to create a user-friendly enclosure so our chickens can have some outdoor space during the latest ongoing avian flu lockdown.

2. Moomaid of Zennor - for giving us 200 of their once-used ice-cream tubs to box up portions of greens for our veg boxes. These tubs are re-usable (please remember to return them every week!) and keep our member's kale, chard, salad, squash, herbs etc... nice and fresh in the fridge all week.
Many thanks to LBS and Moomaid!

Today's veg boxes

This week we produced 83 veg boxes, which we delivered to people's doors around Penwith, or to one of our four community collection hubs for our members to pick up from - here at Bosavern Community Farm, St. John's Church in St. Ives, the Redwing Gallery in Penzance, and Newlyn Fermentary (our newest hub, with many thanks to Rachel and Ben).

Jihu and Yerin digging potatoes on Wednesday.
This week our small box (£7.70) contained mixed salad leaves, a stick of lemon grass, 1kg of Carolus potatoes, purple-top turnips, a lump of Crown Prince squash, oriental greens, and leeks (all grown here on the farm).
Pauline, Jihu and Yerin, picking salad on Friday.

Our standard box (£12) contained mixed salad leaves, a stick of lemon grass, 1kg of Carolus potatoes, purple-top turnips, a lump of Crown Prince squash, a cauliflower, perpetual spinach, kale, 3 jalapeno peppers, and leeks (all grown here on the farm except the cauliflowers, which are local and organic).

Please email us at to join up.


One of our WWOOF volunteers, Daniel, from Italy, left us this morning to head back to London then Italy. Many thanks Daniel for your help, your singing, and your cooking, and we wish you a merry Christmas back home with your family.

Digging potatoes on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Polly, Warren, and Rosie

Three core members of the farm team left us this autumn (as well as Heather and Bea - see earlier post) - Polly, Warren, and Rosie.

Polly snedding coppiced willow ready for planting as whips.

Polly came to the farm as a WWOOF volunteer in November 2020 and stayed for two years, acting as our host for residential volunteers in the farmhouse, as well as helping on the farm and with delivery rounds (and many other things including amazing art work...). Polly steered the farmhouse, and its occupants, through some very difficult times during various lockdowns, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Warren with the chicken pop-hole door that he made and decorated.


Warren came to us as a WWOOF volunteer in October 2021 and stayed for just over one year, helping on the farm and assisting Polly in the farmhouse, as well as creating more amazing art work (such as the farm map), and other things...

Unfortunately we don't have a photo of Rosie, which is an idication of how busy we were this summer. Rosie first came as a volunteer in 2021 for 2 days per week, but returned for 5 months in 2022 as our Assistant Grower, working 3 days per week. Rosie brought a lot of very good ideas to the farm some of which we have managed to implement.

We are so grateful to Polly, Warren, and Rosie, for all their hard work, art work, ideas, friendship, energy, and the huge help they all were during their times with us, and we wish them all the best in their futures.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Squash harvest 2022

Despite the horribly hot dry weather this year, and our plants going into the ground about 3 weeks too late, we still harvested more than 500kg of squash at the end of October, just in time for Halloween. Most of our squash are Crown Prince, which is probably the best squash there is, but we also have some Turk's Turban, and we did have some Jack-o-Lantern but they have already sold out. They are for sale in the farm shop and at farmer's markets priced at £2 per kilo (and also being eaten at the Dog And Rabbit and the Gurnard's Head).


Haruka, from Japan, joined us as a WWOOF volunteer on the farm, and has left this morning to travel across the country. Many thanks to Haruka for her help whils with us, and all the best luck with her onward travels - thank you!