Friday, August 16, 2019

Elsie and Mathieu

Elsie, from Australia, left the farm yesterday after her stay with us, and Mathieu, from Brittany, will be leaving tomorrow after his stay - so thank you both for your contributions during your time with us.
Mathieu, on the far left of this photo, hoeing the kale patch with Vicky, Ann, Callum, Kevin, Nymphea, and Soroya.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tomorrow's veg boxes

Tomorrow's veg boxes will contain:-
Standard £10 box - 1kg Maris Peer new potatoes, 500g courgettes, 200g kale, 200g spring greens, 50 basil, 200g tomatoes, 140g French beans, a cucumber, 250g aubergines, and 500g onions.
Small £6 box - 1kg Maris Peer new potatoes, 500g courgettes, 200g kale, 200g tomatoes, a cucumber, and 500g onions.
Anybody having any of the above on their "dislikes" list will have them replaced with spring greens, runner beans, beetroot, or extra tomatoes.

We are also supplying veg to six local restaurants and one shop this week. Most of the picking has been done today by a team of local volunteers during our "Thursday picking and packing" volunteer session, 10am till 3pm, with a few items still to harvest first thing tomorrow morning - many thanks to Vicky, Kevin, Rowan, Martin, Ann, Margaret, Callum, Ian and Ben for their help.

Nymphea and Aisling

Nymphea, from France, left the farm yesterday, and Aisling from Coventry left today, having completed their volunteering stays with us through the WWOOF UK organisation. It is volunteers like these who run our shop every day, and look after our chickens every day, as well as doing a lot of work on the farm alongside our team of local volunteers. Many thanks to Nymphea and Aisling for all their help.
Nymphea helping Alois to build our second courgette windbreak (the courgettes are already producing - we picked over 20kg today).

Ailsing processing eggs in the farmyard.

Lafrowda 2019

July 20th saw the culmination of another wonderful edition of the annual Lafrowda Festival Fortnight here in St. Just. Bosavern Community Farm was again proud to be represented by a willow sculpture in the community procession, and with this year's theme being "Off the page" we created a pig in top hat and tails from Animal Farm by George Orwell. Many thanks go to Jo Pickard for creating this for us, assisted by Marine, Emmanuel, and Alice. If anybody has a photo that we can use on this blog please email it to us, as I was too busy on the day to see the procession!

We also had our usual stall on Fore Street for the morning farmer's market, selling a range of produce from the farm and farm shop, with thanks to Fran, Ailsa, and Alice for running the stall.
Congratulations to all the Lafrowda crew!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

flowers around the farm

A cranesbill in one of our hay meadows (can anyone tell the exact species from this photo?).

Evening primrose, whose seeds came in with some imported stone and hardcore for Cornish hedging.

Black knapweed in another hay meadow.

Two varieties of runner bean in the market garden.

Spear thistle.

White clover.

Yarrow in another hay meadow.

this week's veg boxes

We will be harvesting for this week's veg boxes tomorrow, and hope to fill them with a selection from the following - Charlotte salad potatoes, mixed tomatoes, kale, spring greens, peppers, aubergines, beetroot, courgettes, rocoto chillies, and onions.
Please email us on if you would like to enquire about joining our veg box scheme.
Rocoto chillies.

Charlotte salad potatoes.

Four types of kale in the market garden.


Once again we are offering basic farm camping this summer, with most of the campers choosing to pitch in our traffic-free field away from the areas of the farm, with glorious views of the nearby hills. People can still camp by their car, or park up in a van, in the parking area on the field nearest to the farm shop.
Our new passive solar shower, which takes the chill off the water using "black box" technology.

Camping in our new traffic-free field.

The wheelbarrow we provide for transporting equipment from the parking area to the camping field.

Our lovely camping field with it's newly constructed compost toilet.

Camping costs £7 per adult per night, £3 for under-18s, and five years old and under are free. We take bookings through or call us on 01736 788454, or just turn up.

Marine, Lizzie, Hetal and Kristin

Marine weeding peppers in a polytunnel.

Hetal, on the right, helping Mathieu to weed cucumbers in a polytunnel.

Lizzie pricing new items for the farm shop.

Kristin picking parsley in the market garden.
These four wwoofers have all recently left the farm having completed their stays with us (in Kristin's case, her third stay), and we thank them for all their help and wish them well in the next stages of their lives.