Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Radio Cornwall piece

Radio Cornwall broadcast a small piece about our veg boxes this morning, which can be found by following this link and skipping through the time to 08:42:-

We would like to clarify that the majority of produce in our veg boxes is grown here on the farm and although we are not certified organic, we grow to the Wholesome Food Association pledge, without the use of any chemicals. Most of the produce that we buy in to supplement our own is certified organic, and the rest is from small local farms who grow to the same standards as we do.

Monday, July 27, 2020


Photos of goldfinches taken on the farm last week by Shelley.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Reis and Maris

Reis and Maris, from Falmouth, came over to help on the farm for three weeks, and left yesterday morning. We'd like to thank them for all their help during their stay, and wish them all the best for their summer.
Maris (centre) and Reis (right) packing veg boxes with Nick last Thursday.
We'd also like to thank Jack from Camborne and Rhys from Bristol, for their help recently, and wish them all the best in their onward travels.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Recent veg boxes

We have recently re-opened our veg box scheme to new members, please contact us on vegbox.bcf@bcents.org to enquire or ask for a joining form. We have also delivered our final veg 35 boxes to Pendeen School as they have now broken up for the summer - many thanks to the school for their mutual support throughout lockdown. Our veg boxes for the past few weeks have contained all our own produce, averaging 140 boxes per week.
Ailsa bagging new potatoes in the farmyard.

Garlic dried and trimmed in a polytunnel.

Friday morning 8am salad pick - with Jack, Gary, Maris, Ilaria and Reis.

Picking kale in the market garden raised beds - with Ted, Gary, Maris and Ben.

Packing rainbow chard - with Nick and Reis.

Peas in their pods picked fresh from the market garden.

And a leaning tower of bulb fennel....

Sunday, July 19, 2020


The third member of our amazing lockdown crew - Ilaria from Italy - left the farm almost two weeks ago after volunteering with us since Christmas (and 6 weeks on her first visit earlier last year).
Ilaria celebrating her 22nd birthday in the farmyard, during coffee-break on a picking and packing day.

Ilaria, second from right, packing veg boxes at 2m distance from Jack, Gary and Sue.

Ilaria planting shallots in the market garden in the winter (all harvested this month and already in the shop, veg boxes, and being served at Cafe Dog And Rabbit in St Just).
We are incredibly indebted to the wonderful Ilaria for her long stay with us, in particular for staying with us and working so hard and cheerfully throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, helping us to help so many members of our local community.

Monday, July 6, 2020

End of the hungry gap

In early June we celebrated the end of this year's "hungry gap", always the most difficult time of the year to harvest fresh produce, as supplies run out and the new season's crops aren't yet ready. This year we had to bridge the gap by buying half-pallets of veg from Phoenix Organics in Herefordshire (potatoes, onions and beetroot mainly), to supplement what we could grow ourselves, or could buy from other local growers.

Friday 3rd July was the first week this year when all the veg in our veg boxes was grown on the community farm, as was all the fresh produce in the farm shop. This is good going when you consider that we are now filling 140 veg boxes a week!

Chard and beetroot patch on the market garden.

Lucy and Sue picking black Tuscan kale in the permanent raised beds.

Maincrop onion beds beautifully weeded.

Cucumbers and aubergines from the polytunnels.

Rainbow chard in the packing shed ready for veg boxes.

A leaning tower of bulb fennels.
Picking salad for shop and veg boxes - Jack, Gary, Maris, Ilaria, and Reis.

Cucumber and French bean vines with our new overhead irrigation system.
When the first cucumbers are ready in May that is always a cause for celebration, as it is the first step on the climb out of the hungry gap. This has been this year followed soon after by kale, spring greens, garlic, French beans, chard, beetroot, overwintering onions, broad beans, rhubarb, globe artichokes, new potatoes, bulb fennel, with herbs and salad leaves continuing thoughout.