Saturday, January 30, 2021

Tree planting and woodland care

We have an informal group meeting on socially-distanced outdoors Sundays to look after the many trees planted on the farm, and to add to their number - organised by Ailsa who sent these photos:-

Friday, January 29, 2021

Today's deliveries

Today we delivered more than 100 veg boxes around the area - St. Ives, Pendeen, Penzance, St. Just, St. Buryan, Towednack, Sennen, Ludgvan, Gulval, Carbis Bay, Lamorna, Newlyn, Porthcurno, Sancreed etc. - and these are some of the photos from the route.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Veg boxes 29th January

Tomorrow's 132 veg boxes (including 26 for Pendeen School) will contain a selection from the following:-

  • Our own produce - mixed herbs, Carolus potatoes, beetroot, chard, Oriental greens, salad leaves;
  • Local organic produce - curly kale, savoy cabbage;
  • UK organic produce - carrots, parsnips, celeriac, red devil apples.

With many thanks to all of this week's volunteers who help to pick, dig, pack, and deliver the boxes throughout the area - Andy, Chris, Nick, Wanchi, Jenny, Polly, Hector, Ian, Ben, Neil, Maggie, Jez and Ailsa.

Storm Bella damage

Storm Bella hit us at the end of December, and ripped several roofing sheets from our packing shed, the third time in a decade a winter storm has done this.

This section of roof at the back of the shed lifted up, flipped over, and cracked other sheets when it landed, so we've had to replace those as well as three of the four clear sections that were very much the worse for wear. Our packing shed doesn't leak anymore (well, it does at the end where the vegetation needs clearing off it), and there's much more daylight inside too.

Steve repairing the roof.    

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Veg boxes 8th January

 Our 120 veg boxes this week will contain a selection of the following (including 25 for a local school):-

  • our own farm veg - kale, Carolus potatoes, dried chillies, mixed herbs, Chinese cabbage, beetroot, purple-top turnips;
  • local organic veg - red cabbage, savoy cabbage, swede, cauliflower;
  • Britich organic produce - carrots, Ida Red apples.

We still have space for a few more members this lockdown, so please email us if you would like a box next week.

Chicken lockdown

We're not the only species currently forced into lockdown. After outbreaks of avian influenza (bird flu) it is currently law for all chickens and other domestic birds to be kept in their sheds, or in enclosed runs, since December 14th. For our 400 laying hens, used to having one hectare to explore and hunt in, this is quite a change, and not one they are enjoying. 

So we have bought some pigeon netting, and built an enclosed run on each chicken shed using that and some old poultry fence we had, which our birds go out into every day, but which wild birds cannot access. All the greenery in the runs disappeared on the first day (chicken tractor!), but at least they get space, ventilation, and open air.

The closest outbreak of bird flu, according to the DEFRA website, was in Exmouth, Devon, on 29th December, so not too far away.

This and the current gorgeous cold snap has meant our chickens are laying very few eggs, so please be forgiving if you come to our farm shop and we've already sold out.