Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Veg boxes 25th June

For the first time this year, our veg boxes last Friday were made entirely of our own produce from the farm, all new season veg, proving that the infamous and stressful "Hungry Gap" is now over.

Digging our first potatoes of the season - delicious creamy Casablanca new potatoes.

Standard £11 veg boxes - new potatoes, kale, rainbow chard, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, French beans, and mixed salad leaves.

Small £7 veg boxes - new potatoes, garlic, lettuce, rhubarb, a dried chilli, and French beans.

Please email us on vegbox.bcf@bcents.org.uk for a joining form.


On the same day as Heather and Bea left, Courtney did too, coincidentally, after one month with us, and we'd like to thank her and wish her well too.

Courtney collecting eggs up at the chicken sheds.

Heather and Bea

Heather and Bea, from Stockport, came to volunteer at the community farm for one month and liked it so much that they stayed for three. It was a pleasure to host them and work with them, and we wish them all the best now that they have decided to move on.

Bea (centre) and Heather (right), about to begin our first new potato dig of the season, with Georgia and Hector.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Eyed hawk moth


We were very excited to find this beautiful eyed hawk moth in one of our polytunnels the other day.