Thursday, March 19, 2020

Recent WWOOF volunteers

We have had five wwoofers leave the farm recently, two of whom had come to the end of their planned stays, and three who left due to the current virus crisis. We'd like to thank Chris and Heather from the UK, and Thibaud, Charlotte and Valere from France, for their help and for being part of our community for a while. We hope that you all stay well and that we will see you back someday. This has left us with only two live-in volunteers, both of whom have been with us long-term since last year, and to whom we are very grateful. Thankfully our local volunteers are also being amazing and pulling together to help out as much as they can, as we are currently sending out record numbers of veg boxes and food deliveries to the local area (particularly to vulnerable and isolating members community), and very busy in the farm shop too!
Thibaud weeding green sprouting broccoli in a polytunnel.

Charlotte (purple jacket) and Thibaud (red jacket) helping to weed and mulch the permanent raised beds.

Chris on the right, with Gary outside the fruit cage.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Veg box price increases

On the 1st of April 2020 (so the first veg box to be affected will be on Friday the 3rd) we will be increasing the price of our veg boxes, for the first time in five years.
  • A small veg box will cost £7.
  • A standard veg box will cost £11.
  • Home delivery will cost £1.50 regardless of the distance from the farm.
  • Delivery to community hubs will still be free (except for Cafe Art in St. Ives which will remain at £1).
  • Milk will remain at £2 per litre (including the 20p bottle deposit).
  • Eggs will remain at £1.90 per half dozen.
  • Bread will also remain at the same price for all loaves.

Yesterday's veg boxes

Yesterday's 46 veg boxes contained:-
£6 box - salad, watercress, red cabbage, potatoes, and purple sprouting broccoli.
£10 box - salad, watercress, red cabbage, potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, kohl rabi, and oriental greens.
Veg boxes can also include upon request and at extra cost:-
  • our own free-range eggs from hens fed on GM-free soya-free feed, at £1.90 per half dozen;
  • local artisan bread from Vicky's, from £1.60 to £3.50 depending on the loaf;
  • local organic gold-top milk from Treen, at £2 per litre including a returnable 20p deposit.

Ellinor, Esther and Gary

Gary on the left, with Chris outside the fruit cage, after pruning autumn raspberries.

Ellinor picking salad in the Mothership.
Our latest three WWOOF volunteers to come and go were Ellinor from Oslo, Esther from Madrid, and Gary from Glasgow. Many many thanks to them all for their help and companionship during their stays with us.