Thursday, February 27, 2020

Tomorrow's veg boxes

We are putting together 46 veg boxes for tomorrow, and they will contain:-
Small £6 box - a cauliflower, a kilo of Ambo potatoes, 5 dried chillies, 200g oriental greens, and 100g mixed salad leaves.
Standard £10 box - a cauliflower, one a a quarter kilos of Ambo potatoes, 5 dried chillies, 200g oriental greens, 100g mixed salad leaves, 100g watercress, a purple kohl rabi, and 200g purple sprouting broccoli.
We deliver around West Penwith, or you can collect from our community hubs - Bosavern Community Farm, the North Inn in Pendeen, Cafe Art in St. Ives, and the Redwing Gallery in Penzance.
Boxes can also include eggs, bread, honey and milk upon request (plus any items from our farm shop).
Jenny and Margaret picking spring greens for veg boxes in the market garden earlier in February.

Janine, Allan and Nils

Another three WWOOF volunteers have come and gone - doesn't time fly? Janine from Germany, Allan from France, and Nils from Belgium. Many thanks to you all for you help on the farm.
Alan and Nils clearing around the rabbit fence in the market garden, with Gary.

Janine (back right) and Nils (front right) sowing seeds with Ilaria and Rex in the Propagation Station.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Recent work on the farm

In between (and during!) being battered by storms wehave managed to get some things done:-
Lines of mange-tout and sugar snap peas planted in a polytunnel.

Kale for veg boxes harvested!

All our leeks for next winter sown.

Half the chicken field prepared ready to be this year's potato bed.

New area tidied to become a wheelbarrow parking shed.

Radishes sown in a polytunnel.

Tears in the fruit cage netting mended.

A third rat-proof chicken-feed store built.
The chicken sheds dragged 20m downhill onto new pasture.

Oriental greens (giant red mustard, vivid choi, komatsuna) planted in a polytunnel.

Aubergines, peppers, chillies, jalapenos, tomatillos, tomatoes, French beans, broad beans, salad, chervil, dill, fennel, cabbages, kales, spring greens sown.

Two shallot beds prepared and planted.
Hot bed prepared for the season, to bring on early crops.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Peat-free potting compost

We are now selling Petersfield professional-quality peat-free potting compost in the farm shop, priced at £8.70 per 40-litre sack.

Clem, Jun again, Riina and Louis

Jun, in the foreground in hi-vis, picking chard for veg boxes.
Clem, in front, and Riina, back left, helping to clean out a chicken shed.

Louis converting an old pig shed into a plant pot store.

Another four WWOOF volunteers have come and gone since I last updated this blog - Clemence from France, Jun from South Korea on his second visit, Riina from Japan, and Louis from France too. Many thanks and good luck to them all!