Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tomorrow's veg boxes

One of tomorrow's £6 veg boxes, with an additional half dozen eggs at £1.60.
Tomorrow's small £6 veg box will contain beetroot, Maris Peer potatoes, tomatoes, rainbow chard, runner beans, and courgettes. The £10 box will contain Maris Peer potatoes, tomatoes, rainbow chard, runner beans, courgettes, aubergines, pointed cabbage, chilllies, and golden nugget squash.

Please email us on to order yours.

Alex, Martin and Jack

Another three of our WWOOF volunteers have left the farm in the past few days:-
Alex, in the orange top, prepping beetroot in the packing shed (with Ann, Margaret, Jack, Marin, and Kristin).

Martin, picking rainbow chard with Kristin.

Jack, relaxing by the farmhouse kitchen door with Kristin.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Veg box Friday 17th August

Last Friday's small veg box, for only £6, contained aubergines, courgettes, runner beans, new potatoes, rainbow chard, and tomatoes.
The standard box, for £10, had extra tomatoes, plus kale, a globe artichoke, and a cucumber too.

More recent WWOOF volunteers

Giorgia, from Italy via Spain, shovelling green waste compost for brassica planting.

Katie, from England, harvesting redcurrants in the fruit cage.

Karen, from South Africa (on the left) helping to plant brassicas.

Adele, from France, picking climbing French beans in one of the polytunnels.

Patrick, from South Africa, with some of his tomato harvest.

Bastien, from France, collecting eggs.