Thursday, September 9, 2021

Friday morning plant stall


We host a plant stall every Friday morning here in the farmyard from 10am till 1pm, please call in to buy some plants and bring some cash with you - our farm shop is also open of course, and we accept cards.

Creating wildlife scrapes

On Tuesday 31st August we created a small area of wildlife scrapes in the corner of the allotment field, funded by the Penwith Landscape Partnership, in the expectation that over the next few years wildlife will colonise this area to form a thriving wetland habitat. 

The area beforehand, a field corner that is usually swampy in the winter.

Digging a series of small shallow scrapes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Autumn 2021 newsletter

 We've had a busy time on the Farm this summer resulting in another bounty of delicious food – vegetables, herbs, salad leaves, fruit and free-range eggs. In late July,  we were delighted to be asked by acclaimed chef Tom Hunt to supply fresh produce for his cooking demonstrations at the weekend Rock Oyster Festival. Congratulations to Hugh and Otta and their invaluable teams of local volunteers and woofers for growing such fantastic and justly admired produce.  

Veg box deliveries continue apace and demand from wholesale customers is slowly resuming.  We produce +/-90 boxes a week and are currently regularly delivering around West Penwith to St. Just, Pendeen, St. Ives, Carbis Bay, Penzance, Newlyn, Mousehole, St. Buryan, Sennen, and all places in between. The Farm Shop is going from strength to strength.

Making hay when the sun shines. Hugh says: “Last year we were so busy in response to the coronavirus pandemic that we had no time to make hay, but this year we found a bit of time to return to some ‘normality’, if the hecticness of making hay can be called that. The hot dry spell that we endured [in July] was perfect hay-making weather, so we and all the other farmers in the area got busy doing just that. Oliver mended the power steering on our tractor for us, Clive and Kieron cut and turned and baled four fields for us, and teams of volunteers brought it in off the fields and stacked it in the barn for storage and sales. This year we cut Carn, Top, Standing Stone, and Hotel Fields. It was cut on Monday, turned on Tuesday, baled on Wednesday, and all 489 bales in the barn by early evening on Thursday, surely the fastest hay making in Bosavern Community Farm history, and lovely dry light-green hay it is too.”

We held a ‘Meet the Board’ event in early August and were very pleased to talk to who those of you who came to see us.  It was wonderful to hear how people appreciate the what we are doing and we had fantastic offers of support. Thank you!  It’s definitely something we'll do again.

It's been over a decade since the Farm was bought from Cornwall Council and there had been plans to hold our 10-year anniversary celebration last year but obviously Lockdown put an end to that. So,  next month we're intending to celebrate both this year’s harvest bounty and over a decade of Community ownership. We hope to see you at the Farm. It won’t rain.

Turning our gaze to the future, we held a 'visioning day' last month with the Board directors, advisors and staff (many of whom hadn't met in the flesh due to the pandemic) to check that the Farm's Objectives (to produce and sell local food, to provide community access to land and its produce and to provide opportunities for the local community to come together and learn about growing food, agriculture and sustainable living) are still appropriate in light of the IPCC report, climate crisis, and local needs. Our conclusions were these:

TO FEED: providing better food for more people

TO RESTORE: enabling a more connected and resilient community at and beyond the Farm

TO NURTURE: supporting healthier people within and beyond the Farm

TO RECONNECT: by improving understanding for individuals and community to land, to Nature,

and to the climate & biodiversity crisis

TO INSPIRE: by developing more leadership with shared learning of more skills at and beyond the Farm 

Now that we're happily in agreement that the Farm's Objectives remain relevant and true, we have to decide what is the most appropriate way of meeting these objectives over the coming decade.  For the next stage of our development we will be in discussions with the National Lottery with the aim of seeking funding support, and will be engaging in business planning to help us to plan for the future.  We'll hold consultations in venues across West Cornwall in the coming months (hopefully, including at our Celebration Day on 10th October) with big questions to consider and a map of the Farm for you to offer ideas about how we can better use and manage our land.

This is all exciting stuff. If you'd like to help in a small/large way with the birthday celebration and/or the community consultations then please get in touch. Tom, Chair BCEnts


2021 had been a challenging year so far all around, and the allotment community has had its fair share of difficulties with inclement weather and a multitude of critters intent on eating our produce! The community rallied round and volunteers have worked incredibly hard to resolve all the issues.

Rabbits In the Spring, Katie Kirk and her Training & Work Experience Team enaged a fencing tutor, Chris Lutey, to deliver two fencing workshops to teach their participants how to put up some rabbit fencing (and also some quality wind-break fencing in the Market Garden). A handful of allotmenteers joined the course and, as a result, a special mention must go to Pete Cross and Andy Jewers, who took on the task of safeguarding the allotments from the rabbits by completing most of the remaining rabbit-proof fence. Thank you, guys, for this - you were awesome!

Too much water Another issue was the flooding in the whole field after very wet weather in the spring.  On Sunday 15th August, allotmenteers gave generously of their time again to help dig four inspection pits so that Phil Pengelly, drainage specialist at PLP, could help ascertain the best way to deal with the problem.  He is arranging for two enclosed drainage ditches to be dug along the north and western borders which will run into a scrape pond in the southwest corner.  Dont worry regular allotment volunteers, Phil has a mechanical digger to do that! 

The tree planting team has also been out in force a number of times this year to plant whips of willow and mixed hedging to help suck up the water and provide a bit of a windbreak. What a great bunch of people we have at Bosavern Allotments. The communal spirit is growing following a couple of meetings, initially on Zoom and more recently, on-site. Tamsyn has kindly offered to set up a WhatsApp group which is now exchanging ideas and friendly advice regularly.

The next exciting news is that Tom (Jane), our allotments lead on the Board, hot on the heels of his success in obtaining permission for us to have a shed on each plot, is looking into funding for a community polytunnel where we can propagate crops, exchange seeds and grow more tender crops.

Short- and long-term solutions to improving the allotments site and fields elsewhere on the Farm are under discussion. Hugh’s and Board’s input and agreement will be required. The various interested parties involved in planting trees on the Farm (Woodland Group, Allotment Group etc) will be co-ordinating so that duplications don’t occur when it comes to sourcing trees for different areas on the Farm. All the Farm’s allotments are taken and there is now a waiting list.  Some plots are yet to be fully used, but everyone agreed that, due to the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, more time should be given to those who still want to keep their plot even if they have so far been unable to get cracking with cultivation. 

Subs fall due from January 2022 when a decision will be made on a cut-off date for those who have still been unable to commence cultivation to ask them relinquish their plots so that those on the waiting list can be given the opportunity to have a go.

Caroline Streat, volunteer BCF Allotments Co-ordinator


On the whole it has been a difficult year for bees, given the very poor weather conditions in Spring. However, by sticking to the policy of not feeding the bees sugar water, our colonies were able to delay expansion until the weather improved. Nectar collection was very strong in late June, but hopes of it continuing into July and August were thwarted again by the weather. Late August has seen some heather honey collection.

What a great bunch of people we have at Bosavern Allotments. The communal spirit is growing following a couple of meetings, initially on Zoom and more recently, on-site. Tamsyn has kindly offered to set up a WhatsApp group which is now exchanging ideas and friendly advice regularly.

There have been a number of reports of Foul Brood Disease in West Cornwall again this year. All colonies at Bosavern are free of disease at present. Varroa mites however, remain an issue, though certain colonies are developing strategies to combat this pest.

Breeding of Cornish Black Bee queens and colony expansion have been successful, after the difficult Spring. Queen mating flights improved from 25 per cent success rate to over 90 per cent success rate. Twenty new queens were raised and an additional 12 colonies developed on site. The “native-ness” of the new colonies appears very good. Preparations are now under way to prepare the colonies for winter.
Matt Pitt, BCF Beekeeper


Two family-friendly, drop-in events where people can find out more about all the activities on offer at the Farm - from egg collecting to tree-planting, work experience and employment support. This is part of the Tin Coast Events Programme with a short film commissioned by the Tin Coast Partnership and Cornwall 365 and additional event support from the EU and Cornwall Council. Come and chat to our team. We’re offering hot and cold drinks, food samples, and plants.

·       Wed 8th Sept 2pm-3pm at the Centre of Pendeen

·       Thurs 9th Sept 2pm-3pm at Sennen Community Centre

Contact: or phone Katie on 01736 272367


Katie and her team have joined BCF staff for the life of the project which continues into next year. They started in February with the aim of supporting unemployed local people gain the skills and confidence to help them progress to employment, education or further training. Participants have learned about sowing and harvesting vegetables, collecting eggs from our free-range hens, how to prepare and cook the fresh vegetables which they have grown and harvested themselves on-site, plus useful skills such as constructing fencing and erecting a polytunnel. At the time of writing, of the first series, two trainees are now in employment, one is starting college in this month and two are on placements. Series Two has just ended and Katie is now accepting registrations for the third course which starts on 16th September.

If you know people who might like to apply to join the course, please contact Katie by email: #bosavernfarm or call her now to find out more: 

01736 272367 This project is funded by the EU and Cornwall Council.


We aim to begin work on repairs sometime this autumn with a view to completion before inclement weather really sets in. The plan is to reinforce the walls, replace the roof and adapt the overall design to be more resilient and multi-purpose – while keeping the original cob feel.  A small working party is being formed. Leave a message at the Farm if you wish to help.


It’s great news that this popular market is opening again at Sennen’s Community Hall every Tuesday morning from 10 am to 1pm (note the new times). We are pleased to have been invited to sell our vegetables this year as well as groceries and eggs.


We were delighted by the fantastic interest and very grateful for the level of participation in our survey in spring. We shared it on social media, through our veg box contacts and members and friends, employees, volunteers and woofers. We received over 80 responses (too numerous to list here). Detail will be available at our celebration on Sunday 10th October when we will also announce the winner of the prize.


‘Giving Nature a helping hand’

The BCF Tree Care Group is a small friendly bunch which meets on Sundays from 2pm to around 4.30pm at the Farm to help look after the saplings in the Woodland Field, as well as planting new ‘whips’ as hedges around some of the other fields.

Quite frankly... we could do with a bit of help! The Woodland Field has a couple of thousand saplings that were planted around six years ago but are now in need of ongoing TLC (Tree Love and Care!) in the form of weeding and mulching around their bases, removal of tree guards to allow them to breathe, pruning of dead twigs, bramble bashing and bracken trampling (much loved by children). In addition, from November we will be planting more trees...hurrah! To be honest, the trees don’t take all that much work. They arrive from The Woodland Trust as ‘whips’ and only need a small hole, a cane and a tree guard to get them started. The real work is in their maintenance so they get the best possible start over the first couple years. And as you might guess... it turns out that helping the environment and giving Nature a helping hand is good for us as well!  Terry Sutcliffe.

If you think you might like to join us for a taster session, we’d be very happy to hear from you. Contact: Ailsa, mob 07881812227 or Terry 07972901946 



1st - 14th Sept:  Registrations for Bosavern Training & Work Experience

WED 8th Sept  BCF Open Event 2pm-3pm at the Centre Of Pendeen

THURS 9th Sept  BCF Open Event 2pm-3pm at Sennen Community Centre

THURS 16th Sept  Start of Series Three Bosavern Training & Work Experience

SUN 19th Sept Mayor’s Sunday, 2.30pm – 5.30pm, St Just WI Hall,St Just 


SUN 10th October BCF Celebration. Noon – 4 pm


The date for the 2021 AGM is to be determined

Friday, September 3, 2021

Today's veg boxes

Today's veg boxes are currently being delivered around West Penwith - St. Just, Pendeen, St. Ives, Carbis Bay, Penzance, Newlyn, Mousehole, St. Buryan, Sennen, and all place in between - and contain the following (all grown here on the community farm):-

£7 box - carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, a cucumber, a courgette, and green beans.

£11 box - carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, a cucumber, a courgette, Swiss chard, a pointed cabbage, red peppers, and lemon verbena.

Inside the French bean, cucumber and aubergine polytunnel.
Plus extras of our own free-range GM-free eggs, our own black been honey, local organic milk and bread.

Harvesting this year's crop of brown onions.

Bob, Sara and Toby


Toby planting kale and cabbage in the maincrop field.

Sara digging potatoes in the maincrop field.
Three of our WWOOF volunteers recently came to the ends of their stays on the farm, so we would like to thank them for their hard work and for being part of our community, and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Bosavern Community Farm 10th Anniversary

Bosavern Birthday Celebration!
Sunday 10th October 12 noon- 4pm

Last year was our tenth anniversary of being a community farm, but we couldn't celebrate due to Covid, so we are celebrating this year instead!

Bosavern Training and Work Experience

Sign up now to Bosavern Training & Work Experience to reserve your place on our next free course starting 16th September. This project is designed specifically for local, unemployed adults of working age (over 18). Grow food, cook food, sell food and receive employment support! No previous experience necessary, help with travel costs. Call Katie for details 01736 272367 Funded by the EU and Cornwall Council.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Egg hunts

Who said that hunting for eggs was only an Easter activity? OK, maybe no-one. Here at the farm we have an egg hunt several times a day, as our lucky hens have one hectare of overgrown field to roam freely in, and some even roost during the day in the willow trees. Some days we can find over 100 eggs in the field (and the same number in the houses).

If anybody would like to join our rota of volunteers hunting for eggs please call in to the farm shop and sign up! Many thanks.

Matt and Jake

Two of our WWOOFers left last week having each spent one month living and volunteering here on the farm - Matt from Cheshire and Jake from Sheffield. Many thanks to Matt and Jake for spending time with us helping on the farm.

Jake picking tomatoes in one of our tunnels.

Plant sales Fridays 10am till 1pm

Our weekly plant sales started again in the farmyard yesterday, and will now be on Friday mornings from 10am till 1pm.

Aerial photos

These were taken earlier this week by a friend on the aeroplane to the Isles of Scilly, which often passes directly over the farm.

Market Garden.

Allotments and hay meadows.

Veg boxes 6th August

All our own veg grown here on the community farm, delivered throughout the St. Just, Penzance, St. Ives area, by our team of volunteer drivers.

Sungold tomatoes.

Ambo potatoes.

Rainbow chard.

Yesterday's boxes - 

£7 box - basil, rainbow chard, a cucumber, a garlic, lemon verbena, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes.

£11 box - basil, French beans, beetroot, rainbow chard, 2 cucumbers, onions, potatoes, salad leaves, and tomatoes.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Tom Hunt at Rock Oyster Festival

This week we were delighted to be asked by Tom Hunt to supply fresh produce for his cooking demonstrations at this weekend's Rock Oyster Festival - please follow the above link for details. We sent him two of this week's standard veg boxes (French beans, Ambo potatoes, rhubarb, blackcurrants, tomatoes, rainbow chard, garlic, cucumbers and peppers) plus dill, mint, basil, more tomatoes and cucumbers, a tray of eggs, 2 jars of mayonnaise from the farm shop, and some New Zealand spinach.

Tom runs a tapas bar in Bristol ( marrying his passions of good food, cooking, and sustainability issues. He has also published a book entitled "Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet" (

Thank you for choosing produce from Bosavern Community Farm, and good luck with your cooking demonstrations tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Plant Sales

We held a series of plant sales in the farmyard in May, June and July, on Saturday mornings, with local growers coming along to sell their plants. These were well attended, providing a safe outdoor social occasion, as well as augmenting the offerings in our farm shop.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Farm shop entry


As of July 19th we decided to allow one customer at a time (or a small "bubble") inside the shop to browse and choose their own shopping from the shelves. Our shop is quite a small space and mainly staffed by volunteers, and we decided last year to serve customers at a table across the doorway to help protect both them and us. Hand-washing facilities are available outside the shop, hand sanitiser at the entrance, and we will continue to wear our masks - we politely ask that anybody entering the shop does so too. Customers without masks can still be served at the table as before.

Many thanks to everybody for helping us with this.

Georgia, Hector and Imogen

Three of our "Third Lockdown" wwoof volunteers have recently independently left the community farm to pursue their next projects, and we'd like to thank each of them for all their help and hard work and enthusiasm whilst volunteering with us - Georgia for ten weeks, Hector for six months, and Imogen for four weeks - and all the very best for their futures.

Georgia, in the foreground, planting tomatoes with Courtney and Hector.

Imogen, on the left, exhausted at the end of the first day of hay.

Hector picking kohl rabi in a polytunnel with Heather back in the spring.

Hay harvest 2021

Last year we were so busy in response to the coronavirus pandemic that we had no time to make hay, but this year we found a bit of time to return to some "normality", if the hecticness of making hay can be called that. The hot dry spell that we have just endured (it reached 30 degrees Celsius in our farm shop and 42 degrees in the polytunnels) was perfect hay making weather, so we and all the other farmers in the area got busy doing just that. Oliver mended the power steering on our tractor for us, Clive and Kieron cut and turned and baled four fields for us, and teams of volunteers brought it in off the fields and stacked it in the barn for storage and sales. This year we cut Carn, Top, Standing Stone, and Hotel Fields. It was cut on Monday, turned on Tuesday, baled on Wednesday, and all 489 bales in the barn by early evening on Thursday, surely the fastest hay making in Bosavern Community Farm history, and lovely dry light-green hay it is too.

Rosie and Hector loading the trailor (60 bales at a time) in Hotel Field.

Wednesday team - Imogen, Hugh, Jake, Rosie, Hector and Matt.

Thursday team - Matt, Hector, Ed, Jake, Hugh and Imogen.

Hay all stacked in the barn. The remaining few bales of our 2019 cut is stacked at the front to protect the fresher bales from the weather (we'll use these for chicken bedding).

The hay is now for sale from the farm shop, at £3.50 for this years cut, or £2.50 for the remaining bales from 2019.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this big itchy sweaty task - doing this work in those conditions is energy-sapping - and to those who didn't get into the above photos - Polly, Andy, and the other Matt.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Series 2 of Bosavern Training & Work Experience

Series 2 of Bosavern Training & Work Experience is well underway with our new recruits. In just two weeks, with support from Ross, these guys have lain all the mypex in the polytunnel, harvested lettuce, kale and nasturtium leaves, earthed-up the potatoes, weeded onions and Jerusalem artichokes, potted-on tomatoes and basil, sown seeds, repaired a wheelbarrow and constructed new raised beds from timber and also from old tyres. These beds are now layered and filled with well rotted horse manure and compost from the ready for planting. Great work guys! In addition they have kept the touch points clean and cooked delicious lunches to feed the key workers with guidance from our Cookery Tutor Ali for which we are truly grateful.

If you know anyone who is unemployed and looking for something constructive to do as part of a supportive team on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the Summer, do get in touch! 01736 272367
Bosavern Training & Work Experience is funded by the EU and Cornwall Council.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Planting squash

Last week we planted 400 squash plants in the Market Garden (and have since followed that up with 200 courgette plants to supplement the 100 already in).

Hector, Polly and Matt get the ball rolling.

Rob, Ben, Evan and Matt nearing the end.

We spread two trailer-loads of our own compost on the patch, rotovated it in, covered it with mipex (woven black weed-suppressant), planted squash through holes cut in the mipex at 1m intervals, put a tyre round each plant, and covered the whole lot in mesh until the plants settle in.

Many thanks to all the planters - and compost spreaders, tyre carriers, mipex layers etc...

Veg boxes

Our veg boxes at the moment are made up entirely of our own produce from the community farm. We deliver to homes in St. Just, St. Buryan, Carbis Bay, Penzance, Newlyn, Mousehole, Zennor, Pendeen, Newbridge, Lamorna, Sennen, Carnyorth, Trewellard, Madron, Heamoor, Ludgvan, Trewellard, and places in between, as well as community hubs in Penzance and St. Ives, plus from the farm itself.

We produce around 90 boxes a week, at £11 for a standard or £7 for a small, with optional extras of our own eggs and honey, and local organic bread and milk.

Veg boxes at the moment contain selections from the following (8 or 9 items in a standard, 5 or 6 in a small) - redcurrants, rhubarb, garlic, new potatoes, rainbow chard, perpetual spinach, kale, mixed salad leaves, mixed herbs, basil, lemon verbena, French beans, cucumbers, green peppers, globe artichokes, dried chillies - and soon we hope to have beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, broad beans, grapes and courgettes. Fingers crossed, as always.

Summer flowers

There are a lot of flowers on the farm at the moment, in the wildflower meadows which we manage for wildlife, in the crop plants that we have left to self-sow, in the pollenator areas where we grow special pollenator-friendly flowers, and in the ornamental beds around the farmyard and car-park. In fact, everywhere you look, whether we want them there or not - some are weeds and some are not (we have lots of weeds at this time of year, so if you enjoy weeding or just being outdoors please come along and volunteer to help us get on top of them!).

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Veg boxes 25th June

For the first time this year, our veg boxes last Friday were made entirely of our own produce from the farm, all new season veg, proving that the infamous and stressful "Hungry Gap" is now over.

Digging our first potatoes of the season - delicious creamy Casablanca new potatoes.

Standard £11 veg boxes - new potatoes, kale, rainbow chard, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, French beans, and mixed salad leaves.

Small £7 veg boxes - new potatoes, garlic, lettuce, rhubarb, a dried chilli, and French beans.

Please email us on for a joining form.


On the same day as Heather and Bea left, Courtney did too, coincidentally, after one month with us, and we'd like to thank her and wish her well too.

Courtney collecting eggs up at the chicken sheds.

Heather and Bea

Heather and Bea, from Stockport, came to volunteer at the community farm for one month and liked it so much that they stayed for three. It was a pleasure to host them and work with them, and we wish them all the best now that they have decided to move on.

Bea (centre) and Heather (right), about to begin our first new potato dig of the season, with Georgia and Hector.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Eyed hawk moth


We were very excited to find this beautiful eyed hawk moth in one of our polytunnels the other day.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

This season's first cucumbers


The first cucumbers of the season are slowly starting to appear in the farm shop, just a couple a day as they get going, but there will be more and more over the coming weeks. We nearly always manage to get cucumbers towards the end of May, and this for us signals the beginning of the end of the notorious Hungry Gap, when we can begin to dream of the bumper summer crops to come. These are Passandra F1 cucumbers, a lovely squat European variety, one of the few hybrids we grow.

Veg boxes 21st May

For the second week running the only produce we could source to buy in was organic potatoes, so the rest of the contents for 101 veg boxes was harvested by us from the farm over 2 days, showing that we are slowly starting to climb out of the depths of the Hungry Gap.

Our first crop of outdoor salad this year.

Friday morning's 8am salad picking team - Courtney, Gerogia, Polly, Heather and Bea - on the way to 11kg of fresh leaves.

Friday's veg boxes contained:-

Small box (£7) - potatoes, salad leaves, rainbow chard, kale, mixed herbs, and a dried chilli.

Standard box (£11) - potatoes, salad leaves, rainbow chard, kale, mixed herbs, fresh elephant garlic, purple sprouting broccoli, and a headed lettuce.

Delivering to St. Just, St. Buryan, St. Ives (community hub), Penzance, Ludgvan, Gulval, Porthcurno, Sennen, Pendeen, Hendra, Cot Valley, Lamorna, Newlyn, Sancree, Grumbla, Newbridge, Zennor, Treen, Mousehole, Paul etc....