Monday, January 30, 2017

Veg boxes, Friday 27th January

These are our delicious not-for-profit veg boxes from last Friday.
Standard £10 veg box - chard, kale, lettuce, pak choi, black radish, carrots, beetroot, potatoes, leeks, and a red cabbage.

Small £6 veg box - potatoes, leeks, carrots, beetroot, chard, and lettuce.

Please email us on to order yours.

Clare, Stella, and Jeremy

Three of our WWOOF volunteers left us on Saturday morning, to move on to new farms or to return home. Clare, from London, was with us for 5 weeks; Stella, from Austria, for 3 weeks; and Jeremy, from South Africa, for 2 weeks.
Claire, on the right, painting the farmhouse kitchen, with Andy.

Stella picking chervil in the Mothership polytunnel, for a local cafe.

Jeremy, planting the first of this season's runner beans.
We would like to thank them all for their hard work whilst with us, and wish them the best in the onward endeavours.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Planting broad beans

For the past few years we have had problems with mice or rats digging up and eating the broad beans that we have direct sowed into the market garden, so this year for the first time we are raising our plants in the propagation polytunnel before transplanting them into the field when they are ready. This also gives them a head start against weeds.
Some of our broad bean plants hardening off outside in December.

Jeremy planting the first of the beans on Tuesday17th January.

Maria and Andy getting the last of about 500 plants into the ground on Friday 20th.
We have planted our broad beans into ground from which we've laready harvested leeks this winter. After the leeks we covered the ground with mipex membrane for 2 months, which killed most of the weeds, just needing a few hours top remove the surviving plantain, before planting the beans straight in without any further working of the soil. The leeks had had a top dressing of municipal compost as a mulch, which will also feed the beans. We aim to repeat this process a further two times this spring.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Today's veg boxes

Standard £10 veg box (£11 delivered to your door) - swede, kale, potatoes, leeks, beetroot, parsnips, rainbow chard (all grown on the farm), with cauliflower and savoy cabbage (from Cargease Organics farm near Penzance).

Small £6 veg box (£7 delivered to your door) - swede, potatoes, leeks, parsnip, dried "ring of fire" chillies, Vietnamese coriander (all grown on the farm), with savoy cabbage (from Cargease Organics farm near Penzance).

New herb garden

Our new herb garden, created behind the Mothership polytunnel in the market garden, was completed yesterday, all except for the planting of herbs which will take place later in the year. If anybody has got any herb plants that they would like to donate to the community farm please drop us an email, we would particularly like sage, purple sage, any thymes, chives, and various mints. Thank you!
The garden yesterday afternoon.
Many thanks to everybody who helped with the garden - Ian, Charlie, Ben, Joan, Mia, Bethany, Lin, Yuki, Helen, and Clare (probably more too, so apologies if I have missed you out).
The garden area before starting work last month.

Monday, January 16, 2017

St. Ives CafeArt

CafeArt is a lovely community-centric cafe in the Drill Hall in St. Ives, and they are now a hub for the distribution of our not-for-profit veg boxes in the town. We deliver our veg boxes to the cafe on a Friday afternoon, and they can be collected then or on Saturdays. Our veg boxes contain fresh veg grown mostly on the community farm, with some veg brought in from an organic farm near Penzance. They are priced at £10 for a standard box or £6 for a small box, and have options of our own free-range eggs, local organic milk and bread too, at extra cost. CafeArt doesn't have its own website, but can be found on Facebook or Trip Advisor, or phoned on 799450, although we recommend popping in for a coffee - and while you're there don't forget to fill in a form to order one of our veg boxes (ask at the counter)!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Latest avian flu situation

On 7th December 2016 the Department for Food, the Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) ordered all poultry keepers in England to keep their birds indoors for 30 days, or secure from contact with wild birds, after the spread of H5N8 strain avian flu across Europe. Infected birds have since had to be culled in Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, and Carmarthenshire in Wales. This housing order has since been extended until February 28th. Flouting of this order can result in a £5000 fine.

Poultry kept indoors due to this DEFRA order can still be referred to as "free-range" and their eggs still sold as such.

At Bosavern Community Farm we have kept all our 300 hens locked in their sheds since 7th December. We have constructed small secure runs on 2 of our 3 chicken sheds to allow most of our hens access to the open air. All the pop-holes on the sheds have been covered over with wire mesh, so we can open them for improved ventilation, without the risk of chickens escaping or of wild birds entering the sheds. We continue to clean the sheds weekly, but now also add a layer of fresh bedding halfway through the week for improved hygeine. Our hens continue to lay on average 120 eggs per day, which is normal for the depths of winter, most of which are sold through our farm shop. Although our eggs have retained their good quality despite the housing order, you may notice that the yolks have lost a little of their characteristic deep golden colour - this is due to reduced greenery in the birds' diet (although we feed them as much cabbage and leek trimmings as we can) and reduced exposure to sunshine.

Sennen Farmer's Market

Bosavern Community Farm has been invited to have a stall at Sennen market every Tuesday, 9am till noon, selling a range of wholefood produce from our farm shop, plus our eggs and salad bags.
Last Tuesday 10th was our first time there, and our stall was well received, selling our own free-range eggs, Cornish Black Bee honey, dried chillies, breakfast cereals, lentils, dried fruits, savoury biscuits, flapjack bars, peanut butter, yeast extract, mayonnaise, pasta, Bombay mix and other snacks etc.. all sourced either locally or from a worker's cooperative based in Bristol.

Please support your community farm and local farmer's markets by doing your shopping at Sennen market (every Tuesday 9 am till noon), St Just market (every Saturday 9:30 am till 12:30 pm), and Pendeen market (the first and third Saturdays of the month, 10 am till 1 pm).

Veg boxes, January 13th

This week's veg boxes contained:-
Small £6 box (pictured above) - leeks, striped beetroot, a pumpkin portion, potatoes (all grown on the community farm), carrots and curly kale (from Cargease Organics near Penzance).
Standard £10 box - leeks, striped beetroot, a pumpkin portion, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, dried "ring of fire" chillies, watercress, flat-leaved parsley (all grown on the community farm), carrots and curly kale (from Cargease Organics near Penzance).
To order your veg box please contact us on or phone 788454.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Aerial photograph August 1977

This interesting photo came into our possession today, and shows the farm buildings as they were in August 1977, almost 40 years ago. The main points to note are:-
- the campsite of our neighbours Bosavern House Bed and Breakfast used to be a large vegetable garden;
- the stable block at the entrance to the community farm was still standing, whereas only the back wall still remains today;
- the farm was used almost solely for dairy cows;
- the well in Home Field was not in use (we have recently recommissioned the well to provide water to irrigate our vegetable crops).
Please compare this photo to that in the blog post of August 2016, showing an aerial photo of the farm from the previous summer.

Christa and Yarrow

The community farm would like to thank Christa and Yarrow, from Canada, for volunteering on the farm for the past two weeks, and we wish them well at their next WWOOF farm experience.

Veg boxes 6th January

Small £6 veg box - leeks, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, Sarpo mira potatoes, with carrots and a savoy cabbage from Cargease Organics.
The standard £10 veg box also contained beetroot, swede, black winter radishes (plus their edible leaves), and pak choi.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Some winter tasks.

Winter is the time of year on the farm when we can turn our attention to projects which we normally have no time to do, such as:-
Mulching the rhubarb patch with cow manure (Alice and Nathan doing the work here).

Tidying up, weeding and pruning in the fruit cage (with Ian, Jenny, Joan, Christa, Charlie and Yarrow).

Creating a herb garden behind the Mothership polytunnel (Clare, Helen, Charlie and Ian about to start work).

The herb garden area before we began.

And at the end of yesterday, mostly weeded and a new border erected (using old clay roof tiles), with Joan.

A friendly robin helping prepare the herb bed.

Veg boxes 30th December

Our final veg boxes of 2016 were on Friday 30th December, and contained (all grown on the community farm):-
Small box (£6, or £7 delivered to your door) - Sarpo Mira potatoes, beetroot, Chinese cabbage, leafy celery, leeks, and a pumpkin portion.
Standard box (£10, or £11 delivered to your door) - Sarpo Mira potatoes, beetroot, Chinese cabbage, leafy celery, a winter squash, leeks, chard, watercress, and Vietnamese coriander.
There was no bread this week because Vicky's were on holiday, but we'll be back to normal next Friday.
Eggs and milk can also be included in your box, but their prices are going up slightly to £1.60 for half a dozen eggs, and £1.25 for a litre of organic whole milk, from next Friday.
This week's small veg box.

Lin and Yuki

Lin (from China) and Yuki (from Japan), half of our Christmas WWOOFing team, left us yesterday to return to language school in London, after volunteering with us for 2 weeks. They can be seen in the previous photo of Christmas dinner, seated on the left of the table. Many thanks to them!