Sunday, August 31, 2014


Emilie, from Toulouse, will also be departing tomorrow, to London then France, and we wish her a safe journey home and good luck with her studies - many thanks for all your help on the farm over the past two weeks.
Emilie picking coriander in Valentine The Fifth.


E.J. from Seattle, will be leaving us early tomorrow morning to continue his adventures in the UK before heading home, and we'd like to thank him for helping out on the farm for the past two weeks, and wish him all the best for the future.

Bosavern bees.

At last, after having had a bee as the farms' logo for the past four years, we now have bee hives on the farm (organised by Nikki). Matt from the Cornish Black Bee Company sited four hives on the farm early in August, and the bees have already been busy in the comfrey patch, borage patch (we use the flowers in our salad bags), wild flowers, sunflowers in the farmyard, and have hopefully been fertilising our vegetables as well as making honey. Their delicious honey is already available in the farm shop, extracted from the same bees but before they came to our farm.
Four beehives in a filed corner, with apple tree.

Our borage patch in the market garden.

One of the sunflowers grown by Nikki in the farmyard.

More tomato varieties.

We have been trying several new varieties this year, some of which we'll grow again, some of which we won't, but it's always good to innovate and try out new things.
Black Cherry, worth trying again.

Ildi, productive but fiddly to pick.

Sungold, expensive seeds but amazing flavour.

Cape Cornwall Food and Craft Fair.

On Saturday 23rd August the farm had a stall at the food and craft fair held at Cape Cornwall Golf Club, selling a wide range of our vegetables on a lovely sunny day.
Pete and Nikki running the stall.

Mixed beetroots and summer squash.

Mixed courgettes and patty-pan squash.
The Golf Club are a good customer of ours, and we noticed on their menu there is "Bosavern Farm Hash" as the vegetarian option.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lauranne, Lucy, Lucille, Sigrid, Marta, and Elena.

Many thanks to the six wwoof volunteers who have helped on the farm in July and August - sorry you're all listed together in one blog entry but we've been too busy on the farm for seperate ones - your help has been much appreciated, and we hope that your onward travels and wwoofs are going well.