Friday, October 1, 2010

More raised beds in the polytunnel.

A small group of willing volunteers joined us on the farm yesterday, the last day of September, to line the raised beds on the western side of our polytunnel. The same techniques were used as on the eastern side last week - lining the back of the beds next to the plastic with old wooden roof beams (reclaimed from the abandoned pig sheds), lining the front of the beds along the path with old tiles (also from the pig sheds), and placing stepping stones on the beds to allow access to all parts of the bed without standing on the soil (using granite stones reclaimed from a fallen wall, scrubbed free of weed seeds beforehand).
Volunteers finishing the tiling along the front of the bed.
The tiles make a highly attractive feature, defining the paths from the beds (which are now a no-standing zone to avoid soil compaction), adding thermal mass to the polytunnel, and allowing us to add plenty of organic matter to the beds without it spilling onto the paths or pressing against the plastic. The beds should now never need standing on again, or digging.
The western side of the polytunnel raised and ready for sowing.
As usual, many thanks to everybody who helped with this project. Without our volunteers much of our work would not be possible - you are very much appreciated. If you would like to get involved, to help us develop the community farm, learn some new skills, or teach us a thing or two, please phone Hugh at the farmhouse on 01736 788454. We still have the central polytunnel bed to go!

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