Sunday, March 27, 2011

WWOOF host regional gathering.

The regional gathering of WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) hosts for the south-west of England was held at Bosavern Community Farm yesterday, Saturday 26th March. Although the turn-out was poor, with only two other hosts able to attend (the weather is too good to stop work these days!), the day was a positive one and enjoyed by all.
Looking around the polytunnel.
As well as our fellow WWOOF hosts we were joined by the regional host coordinator Abby and two of her friends, plus Charlotte from the inspirational Camel Community Supported Agriculture project (see their website at The day began with a tour of the farm to see what developments have been made and what is planned for the future, with lots of opportunities for chatting and sharing experiences. Then it was back to The Hive for lunch, followed by a talk from Charlotte, for which we were joined by several farm volunteers who were given permission to stop digging for an hour....
Gathering in the newly refurbished Hive.
The gathering continued with everybody working together to prepare two beds for onions out in the vegetable field, on a gorgeous afternoon, with 16 people quickly getting 2 beds weeded and dug over. Followed by a few well-deserved beers back in The Hive.
A great cooperative effort preparing onion beds.
Many thanks to Abby for organising the day, Charlotte for coming to inspire us, and everybody else for turning up and helping make the day so fruitful and enjoyable.

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