Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dusk to Dark theatre performance.

On Saturday 10th September Bosavern Community Farm is proud to present the Family Album Theatre Company and their performance of "Dusk to Dark".

"A small theatre in the landscape frames the dusk,
capturing twilight adventures in music and light...."

"Dusk is a magical time of day.
It creeps up on us as we prepare for the night.
Bringing in the washing becomes a dance of white sheets against the deepening blue.
We gather and tuck up our children, animals and possessions
as soon things start to disappear in the grainy half light.
A small audience will watch daily rituals turn into theatre
as characters on a Cornish campsite go about their business.
Velvet curtains swish open to reveal stories unravelled through visuals and song.
If you like a good tune this is the show for you."

The performance starts at 19:30, and the suggested donation is £4. Parking is in the field, and light refreshments will be available. Please phone Kelsey on 01736 351330, or Deb on 01736 787136, to book a ticket.

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