Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dusk to Dark.

On Saturday 10th September the Family Album theatre company performed their new show "Dusk to Dark" here on the farm. The "stage" was a piece of Home Field as viewed through an ornate archway, with the moon rising over Bartinney Beacon behind, providing a lovely backdrop to an excellent performance.
The outdoor "stage" using scenery as a natural backdrop.
Before the show began, as people munched quiche, tortilla and cakes made from the farm's own eggs, entertainment was provided by a pedal-powered stereo system in the Hive.
As dusk approached the audience took their seats, and the show began, being a tale of love and irritation set on a campsite somewhere in West Penwith. The natural dimming of daylight provides inspiration for the show and its title, and is used as an effect on the "stage".
Audience awaiting the start of the show.
Partway through the show, as darkness approaches.
Many thanks go to Neil, Kelsey, John and Lollie for putting on a great show, and for everyone who came to watch.

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