Friday, March 2, 2012

Lizard Onions plant potatoes.

Members of the Lizard Onions group, who hope to set up a Community Supported Agriculture scheme on the Lizard Peninsula (find their facebook page for more information) visited Bosavern Community Farm on Tuesday 28th February on a fact-finding mission. Luckily for us they wanted to get their hands dirty too, a quid pro quo of digging for information. So they joined us on a regular volunteer session, being day 4 of planting new potatoes on the market garden field. We now have 13 of the 20 planned beds prepared and sown with seed potatoes - this year we are growing Maris Peer and Pink Fir Apple.
Lizard Onions join wwoofers and local volunteers preparing potato beds.

Jim planting potatoes.
We wish the Lizard Onions every success with their adventures in community food production and if we can help further please feel free to get in touch.

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