Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Butch and Barney.

On Wednesday 28th March our two new kune kune pigs came to live on the farm. Butch is Ebony's mate and father of Horus, Po-po, Ginger, Blue and Lowenna; and Barney is his castrated companion (pigs get lonely if they live alone). Ebony has moved in with the two big men, leaving the five piglets in their own enclosure - Butch, Barney and Ebony have a whole field to themselves, with views to Land's End and the Isles of Scilly, while the five piglets are grazing around the outside of the chicken runs.
Ebony and Butch getting re-acquainted.
Barney has smaller tusks than Butch.
The plan is for Ebony and Butch to mate again and produce another litter of piglets, which can be for selling on, keeping to breed from, or slaughtering for meat to sell. Meanwhile her last litter are still all together and getting their tummies tickled on a regular basis.
Ginger, Po-po, Blue, Lowenna and Horus.

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