Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maincrop field update.

Our new maincrop field is progressing nicely on target. We have planted/sown all the potatoes, onions, leeks, swedes and parsnips, have begun successional sowings of turnips and carrots, and have plenty of trays of cabbage seedlings coming along ready for planting out.
Clive planting potatoes.
The field was prepared by tractor, and Clive returned to plant 33 sacks of potatoes too, saving our backs and allowing us to concentrate on preparing the market garden field (last year we planted all the potatoes by hand, taking three weeks). The potatoes have now sprouted, and we have begun earthing them up.
Potato plants starting to poke out, two weeks ago.

Starting to earth up the spuds yesterday, with Christine, Jim and Morgane.
We spent a lot of last week transplanting leek seedlings from the new polytunnel to the maincrop field, and special thanks go to Jim, Melanie, John and Ryan for their help with another quite daunting task. Thanks to Dylan as well for helping with the swede sowing on Saturday! The onion sets have sprouted well too.
Onion sets sprouting at the top of the field.
The maincrop field is where we are growing larger scale organic vegetables. Work also progresses down in the market garden field, where we grow smaller scale crops such as shallots, purple sprouting broccoli, jerusalem artichokes, brussels sprouts, red onions, radishes, kohl rabi, broad beans, peas etc...

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