Thursday, December 5, 2013

Re-skinning the Mothership.

After two weeks spending every spare moment removing the damaged old cover and rotting timber from our old polytunnel, and rebuilding the wooden sections, last Thursday 28th November a team of volunteers helped us get the new skin on. By the end of the day the skin was re-trenched and battened into place, ready to weather the weekend's strongish winds. The doors and windows went on on Monday, and the finishing touches, including all the planting and sowing, were completed today.
Applying anti-hot-spot tape and rolling out the plastic cover.
Tightening the skin over the polytunnel frame.
Shovelling earth into the trenches to hold the plastic in place.
The reskinning volunteer team - Willow, Anne, Paul, Emma, Camille, Peter, Chris and Rebecca.
Many many thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who gave their time to help with the re-skinning.

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