Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter salads.

Despite a slow start in October, due in part to it being a very cloudy month, we began to harvest a little winter salad in December, but it was towards the end of January when it really kicked off. We are now harvesting about 7kg per week of salad leaves, and as well as supplying our veg boxes, gate stall, farm shop, and market stalls, we are supplying several cafes and pubs in the area. Who said salad was just for summer?

Our winter salad bags consist of (and I'm sure to have forgotten something) winter purslane (claytonia), red salad bowl lettuce, land cress, nasturtium leaves, sessantina, serifon, namenia, mizuna (both red and green), mustards (giant red, green-in-snow, red frills, golden streaks), texel greens, shungiku (a new one for us), three types of rocket, sorrel, tat soi, senposai etc..... We buy most of these seeds through Tamar Organics in Launceston.

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