Sunday, March 22, 2015

Potato planting.

Yesterday we got all this season's potatoes planted - hooray! This entailed a lot of ground preparation - ploughing and rotavating 1.5 acres - then one long day getting 60 sacks of seed potatoes into the ground. This year we have gone for 4 varieties, 15 sacks of each: Maris Peer as our tried and tested early, Picasso as a pink-eyed early maincrop, Valor as a maincrop, and Sarpo Mira as a blight-tolerant maincrop variety that we are trying for the first time.
Pete ploughing the third and final potato patch on Wednesday.

Neus and Felix on the planter, ready to plant Maris Peer.

Felix and Alice on the planter, loaded with Valor.

The second potato patch almost planted.
Special thanks go to Pete for preparing all the ground on his own (with tractor and Tigerlily!), and to Neus and Felix for sitting on the planter till 6:30 pm yesterday to get them all planted in one day - a great effort all round.

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