Sunday, May 31, 2015


June is almost upon us, and though it is still wet and windy it is certainly warm. At this time of year the weeds on the farm explode into life, but our crops also bring forth their flowers in anticipation of the fruits to come.
Rocoto chilli, in the Mothership polytunnel.

Cucumber, in Nigel polytunnel.

Tomatoes, in the Mothership polytunnel.

Strawberries, in the Mothership polytunnel.

Borage, edible flowers for salads and bees, in the Market Garden.

Chive, in the Mothership polytunnel.

Coriander, in Nigel polytunnel.

Red Russian kale being grown for seeds, in Nigel polytunnel.

The first kiwi flowers heading towards fruits, on a four-year-old vine.

Nasturtiums, edible flowers for salads.

Sage, planted outside the Mothership polytunnel to attract pollinators inside.

Shungiku, also known as edible chrysanthemum and chop suey greens.

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