Sunday, July 5, 2015

Veg box 3/7/15.

These are the contents of our "small" veg box from last week (3rd July) - 100g of mixed salad leaves and flowers, 200g of rainbow chard, 500g of broad beans, 1kg of new potatoes, and 2 courgettes. This veg box is shown with optional extras of 1 litre of organic milk from Treen (£1.20), half a dozen of our eggs (£1.50), and a large organic sourdough loaf from Vicky's in Helston (£2.90).
The standard £10 veg box had an extra courgette, a cucumber, extra 500g of new potatoes, a bunch of radishes, French beans instead of broad beans, and a globe artichoke (but no salad leaves).

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