Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lifting the last of our potatoes

Lifting the final few lines of potatoes with five wwoof volunteers.
 On Monday 14th March we lifted and brought in the final few lines of Sarpo Mira potatoes from Four Acres, which yielded about half a tonne, and was over by mid-afternoon.
Rita, Cameron, Marie and Elliot.
We now should have enough potatoes in storage to see us through the hungry gap until our new potatoes are ready for lifting, sometime in June. We started planting the first of this years potatoes this afternoon, getting all 15 sacks of Maris Peer into the ground (the first of five varieties this year, the others being Picasso, Cara, Ambo and Sarpo Mira).
Sarpo Mira potatoes in the field awaiting collection.

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