Monday, May 2, 2016

Beltane at Bosavern 2016

Beltane, the Gaelic festival to mark the beginning of summer, was celebrated at the farm on the evening of 30th April. This is the sixth consecutive May Day Eve that we have held this community celebration on the farm, and it improves every year - this year we used the cob roundhouse to lay the food out in instead of a tent, were treated to live musicians plus a choir, and even had some variations on the traditional maypole dance! More than fifty people came to the farm, and were treated to good weather and a beautiful sunset.
Beltane was celebrated near in and around the cob roundhouse this year.

Many thanks to Mike, centre, for organising the live music once again.

Also thanks to Kelsey and the Land And Sea choir for their performance.

St Just's 28th annual Beltane maypole dance.

Tigerlily garlanded for the occasion.

Watching the dancers trying to untangle their knots.

Many thanks to Andrew (and Jenny) for organising the celebration, and explaining the dances!
Sunset over the sea, as seen from the maypole.

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