Sunday, October 15, 2017

Squash harvest 2017

This year has been a bumper harvest of winter squash, totalling over 1200 kg, four times the amount we harvested last year. The first few "gem" squash went out in our veg boxes on Friday, and there will be plenty available in our farm shop from next week onwards (once they have cured in our polytunnel). We have several varieties, including blue ballet, crown prince, winter luxury, green Hokkaido, jack-o-lantern, jack be little, turk's turban, sweet dumpling, and gem.
Part of our squash patch before harvesting.

One of many wheelbarrows of squash heading for the polytunnel.

The main bench of squash curing in our propagation tunnel.

More squash on more shelves!
A selection of squash laid out to cure.
All our squash are good eaters (rather than good carvers, although the two jacks are very good for that too), and will be on sale at £2 per kilo in the farm shop, at farmers' markets, and to local restaurants and pubs, as well as going into our weekly veg boxes for the forseeable future.

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