Sunday, February 4, 2018

Polytunnel name plaques

It's taken us a long time to get round to it (mainly because of trying to figure out how to go about it) but we've eventually fixed some name plaques onto three of our polytunnels. They were made for us by Sonja, out of clay, and add a lovely personal rustic touch to the tunnels.
The propagation station, where we produce all the plants for the farm.

Valentine (named after the Valentine's Day storms).

The Sausage, the longest and thinnest of our 6 tunnels.
Some day we hope to be able to extend this art-project to the other three tunnels - the Mothership, Nigel, and Imogen.

Many thanks to Sonja for creating and gifting these lovely pieces (and also for facilitating the art and poetry workshops on the farm, and running Pendeen Farmer's Market twice a month).

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