Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Moving chicken sheds

We like to move our three chicken sheds into a fresh field every two years as part of our crop rotation - this time it took three years because last year we were so busy - but yesterday we took the plunge. In June we will plough up the field where they have spent the last three years, and plant and sow crops into it for the autumn and winter - we are still digging potatoes out of the field they have just moved into!
The first shed looping-the-loop to get the correct trajectory.

Navigating the second and third gateways.

The first shed clear of all the gateways and heading up to the top of their new field.

Shed 3 squeezing through - excellent expert driving from Kieron.

Will wheelbarrowing fencing and other equipment to the new locations.

Andy collecting eggs once the chickens had been released.

Our three sheds in their new field.

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